National Guardsman Explains The Reality Of The 9/11 Trump Double Fist Pump

You may have seen things like this flying around in the Leftist news media and the unhinged coalitions

Perhaps we should ask someone who was there


President Donald Trump delivered a double fist pump as he walked away from Air Force One on Tuesday, en route to a 9/11 memorial ceremony at the Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania — and while a number of critics immediately attacked the move as “disrespectful,” one National Guardsman told The Daily Caller that everything was not exactly as it seemed.

“The POTUS landed at our Johnstown flight facility, a military installation owned by the Reserves and the National Guard,” he said, “and, well, prior to his arrival, we were allowed to gather in this designated area to greet him prior to his boarding a helicopter and flying to the Flight 93 memorial service.”

The service member, who asked to remain anonymous, told TheDC that the double fist pump was a greeting to the gathered crowd, which included a number of members of the military and their families and supporters.

“As he approached us soldiers, marines, and airmen, many were shouting and waving at him. That is when he did the ‘double fist pump’ — he was genuinely happy to say hello and shake hands, and you could tell he was proud to be greeted by ‘his’ military members.”

The Guardsman went on to say

I am telling you this because not even an hour later, the press was criticizing him for doing that on hallowed ground, and he should have been more respectful of the heroes of Flight 93. Well, I got to see FIRSThand how biased the liberal media is towards him. They took a photo completely twisted it around to make him look bad, and it was nowhere near the truth. And our past president has the nerve to also criticize the POTUS for shunning the media. I wonder why he does. So, that is the truth of what really happened, not the story the media produced or the haters of our president.

And this is why people will continue to hate the media, distrust the media, and continue to support Trump. The just utter contempt, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and bias does all three. And it really isn’t working to hurt Trump. Just the opposite. It forces people to look for other media sources for the reality of what’s going on, and they wonder “why is the media not covering this?” and “why are they portraying something positive as a negative?” The doom and gloom, so often either magnified from an ant hill to a mountain or manufactured, fails.

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7 Responses to “National Guardsman Explains The Reality Of The 9/11 Trump Double Fist Pump”

  1. drownedpuppies says:

    That’s not an explanation; it’s not even a good excuse.

    And who ya gonna believe, an anonymous “Guardsman” in the Daily Caller or your lyin’ eyes.

  2. Liljefferykeeneofst.louis says:

    Gotta go with Guardsman, little fella.

  3. drownedpuppies says:

    Fake Right-Wing News.

    Nothing the imaginary guardsman “said” debunked that your Toddler in Chief acted inappropriately (for normal humans), behaving as if he was at another pep rally with his adoring minions, rather than at a solemn event.

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