We’re Totally At A New Tipping Point, But We Can Do Something About It

This has been huge among the Cult of Climastrology members over the past few days

Scientists warn of ‘hothouse’ tipping point

An international team of scientists released a new study this week warning that even if governments around the world meet the carbon emission reductions called for in the Paris Agreement, there is a risk of ‘no return’ towards climate change as Earth hits what they called a “hothouse” tipping point. The authors warn that the transition towards an emission-free world economy has to be accelerated before parts of the planet become inhabitable due to changes in climate and (the most pressing issue for the Cayman Islands) sea-level rise.

“Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene“, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, warns of a domino effect as natural phenomena currently storing greenhouse gases emit those gases in a warmer world.

So, essentially the same old doom and gloom, predicting tipping points that always fail to materialize, assigning causation to mankind while mostly ignoring nature, except, of course, when they say that mankind is simply making natural processes worse, and why are you questioning them, you darned deniers!!!!! Which leads us to Mother Jones on the same subject

Stop Despairing and Do Something About Climate Change

In all fairness, even writer Eric Holthaus notices the unhinged, breathless coverage of the scary prognostication from the media

Well, the authors say, it will be existentially difficult to adapt to a world with runaway permafrost melt, global forest die-offs, rapid sea level rise, and supercharged extreme weather. These aren’t just tipping points. The authors call them tipping cascades. That kind of world will make the current version of Earth look like paradise.

But the bottom line is, we have no choice but to press on through this fear. This is our actual planet we’re talking about, the only place in the entire universe capable of supporting life as we know it.

The next decade will almost surely decide our fate. That should empower us. It means every act has meaning; we have the chance to save the world as we know it every single day. In this scenario we now find ourselves in, radical, disruptive climate action is the only course of action that makes sense.

What, what acts are they?

Liverman and the other authors anticipated a defeatist response and published a multi-page document of possible solutions which, when combined with other research on the most important actions people can take, gives a blueprint for hope, not despair.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Stop despairing and do something which I won’t really tell you about.

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