Warmist Letter To Child Describes World Without Hikes, Fun At Beach, And Just Doom

I’m hoping this excitable member of the Cult of Climastrology places the letter somewhere where the child will find it in 2051 so that the kid goes “what in the hell was the matter with my dad and his Comrades?

A Letter to My Child on a Changing Planet

To my five-year-old son:

By the time you’re my age, the year will be 2051. I don’t know what the planet will look like. And that scares me.

Today, it’s obvious that nature is changing too fast, too much. Of course, nature’s not the culprit. We are. Humans. Your parents, your grandparents, and so many generations who came before us.

We’ve been selfish and careless. We’ve forgotten to think about the future. We’ve screwed up the environment with our plastic water bottles and our massive landfills, and most of all, our fossil fuels.

Dear Gorg: I’m sorry that the fossil fueled cars we drove ended the ice age. Our bad

What am I fighting for? I want you to share these four moments with your own kids, in 2051.

1. Hikes in the woods, among the trees and the bluebells, deer peeking out at you through the brush, birdsong floating all around us. I want you and your kids to love to explore the woods. Climate change causes droughts and forest fires. It threatens our whole ecosystem in countless ways, endangering too many species, particularly bees and butterflies and other pollinators (which are vital to our eco-system). I will fight for your future forests.

2. Fun at the beach. The beach is my favorite thing in the world, other than you and your dad. I’m in awe of the vastness of the ocean. As I dig my toes into the sand, I feel connected to the Earth. Like I belong. I want you to have those long, lazy summer days at the beach, swimming and body surfing, stretching out on a towel to read a book, and building sandcastle after sandcastle. But climate change threatens beaches, with tides rising and coastlines eroding, whole cities disappearing. I will fight for your future beach days.

Also, lazy summer days will be a thing of the past. And

3. Snow. I remember taking you out in the snow for the first time. It was magical. I want you to experience that same magic with your children. But as temperatures soar, winters in many parts of the world will be under siege. Winter freezes could shrink or disappear. I will fight for your future snowball fights.

It’ll be a thing of the past. Except when heat trapping greenhouse gases make winter freezes.

The good news is that it’s not too late. We can change our ways. We can give you a wonderful future.

We can demand clean energy. We can conserve energy. And recycle. And compost. And clean up litter. And eat less meat. And use public transportation. And drive cars that pollute less.

All these big and little choices make a difference. If we all do our parts to help — and if our governments do theirs — we can give you a beautiful, healthy planet in 2051. Along the way, we can teach our children how to make good choices, how to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Have you ever been to one of their protests or marches? Any left side one? They leave tons of litter behind (when they aren’t creating smog through burning things). And few give up meat. Nor give up their own fossil fueled vehicles. And Common Dreams writer Norah Vawter forgets to tell us how she’s given up her own use of fossil fuels, gone carbon neutral, and done the other things mention.

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18 Responses to “Warmist Letter To Child Describes World Without Hikes, Fun At Beach, And Just Doom”

  1. JGlanton says:

    The kid is going to read that and think “My father was an pathetic feckless snowflake. This explains why I have bad relationships with women that dominate me. Well, at least I now know why I failed physics – it wasn’t my fault, I have the DNA of an idiot”

  2. JGlanton says:

    My bad, I see now that it was written by a woman. That poor kid.

  3. JGlanton says:

    She’s an anti-gun activist. She and her mother were shot by a lunatic when she was 4 years old.

    She trots out all of the usual antigun stats here:

    • Jeffery says:

      The US should be the safest nation on Earth, as we have the most guns. But we’re not even close. Why is that?

      She is right to be worried about climate change, but is overly optimistic. The Earth has warmed 1C, it will warm 2C, and 3C… and maybe 4 or 5C. In 2100, your great-grandkids will ask why you didn’t help them when you could.

      It’s too easy to blame the do-nothing, know-nothing NuCons; we all stood by and let their slow-motion coup happen.

      • Bill589 says:

        Scientific evidence supports the fact that the climate has always changed.
        Giving government more money and power doesn’t change that fact.

        • Jeffery says:

          You’re correct that the climate changes, but that fact doesn’t refute that the climate is changing now because of greenhouse gases. The whole of human civilization has evolved during the Holocene epoch. The current CO2 levels are the highest for some 800,000 years.

          Even if we suddenly greatly reduce our output of CO2, the Earth will continue to warm, absent massive volcanic eruptions or a giant meteor strike. How we reduce our CO2 emissions is open to debate, but clearly we need to find a way to greatly reduce our burning of coal, gas and oil. Price increases usually reduce the consumption of a commodity, but that’s not the only way to slow fossil fuel burning.

          Can you think of other ways?

          • david7134 says:

            No association between climate and CO2. No evidence of human cause in climate. Even the climate religion agreed tax would have minimum influence. No other method of trying to influence CO2 is acceptable to the climate religion. The whole issue is a hoax and will not be allowed to become policy. End of discussion.

          • Jeffery says:

            Hi dave!

            The head in the sand approach! Well played.

            If you could invent a way for the quantitative removal of CO2 from the atmosphere, you’d be the anointed savior of Earth and the first trillionaire. So, yes, there are other ways to slow global warming.

          • Bill589 says:

            “Global Warming Provides A Marvelous Excuse For Global Socialism.” – Margaret Thatcher

          • david7134 says:

            Head in the sand? Fairly stupid statement considering the topic is now considered a hoax. You see, if you had attended proper courses in college you might know a few thongs. But your remedial education shows.

      • Roger B Gorden Jr says:

        As usual Mr. Jeffrey doesn’t tell us how he’s completely carbon neutral. Nope. It’s all about a big government solution to make “Other People”, (Not Jeffery), have to pay, and pay and pay.
        Do you honestly think that we can tax ourselves into better weather world wide?

        • Jeffery says:

          One way to avoid a carbon tax is to burn less fossil fuel!

          Do we think a carbon tax would reduce fossil fuel burning? Yes.

          Will stopping the increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases allow CO2 levels to slowly drop and lower the probability of an increase of 3, 4 or 5C above the current temperature? Yes.

          Do you have a reliable estimate about how much of a carbon tax it would take to reduce fossil fuel consumption? Economists who specialize in such things aren’t as pessimistic as right-wing commenters, estimating the impact on global GDP to be manageable, and much less than the impact of the Great Recession (caused by collapse of the US housing market). Did the massive Great Recession which slashed global GDP cripple the world’s economies?

          Will the effects of global warming – i.e., changing growing seasons, sea level rise, heat waves, floods, droughts, migration of humans, migration of disease etc have an impact on global econonmies?

          Do you have another proposal for slowing warming? Or do you abide by the NuCon dogma of claiming it’s a hoax concocted by socialists to rule you?

          • Bill589 says:

            One famous Leftist said, ‘A lie told often enough becomes the truth.’
            Don’t believe him.
            One famous Leftist called his commoner supporters ‘useful idiots’.
            He was honest in this case. Don’t be one.

          • formwiz says:

            Actually, it was Zippy’s blithering incompetence that zapped pretty much our economy.

            And you can easily verify Global Warming is a dodge.

            Get another con, this one is a laugh line for anybody who isn’t a stupid Lefty.

      • formwiz says:

        If you take out Democrat-run urban paradises like Chiraq, Baltimore, and the Motor City, it is.

        As for the doom and gloom, we heard it all 40 years ago from Paul Ehrlich and Ol’ Bucketmouth and we survived.

        Get better writers.

  4. Jl says:

    Funny-“do you have another proposal for slowing warming? Sure, after you can show us proof warming is “bad”. Good luck. And speaking of a carbon tax, the US, for those who care about such things, has reduced it’s emissions without any “carbon tax” , while Europe, awash in renewables, continues to increase theirs. Could be a lesson in there somewhere..

  5. Hoss says:

    Global warming “science” is one of the reasons we have the term “junk” science. Doesn’t matter what we do to help Mother Earth (and yes, as has been noted, the lefties tell us how we should live, but refuse to do so themselves. Shocking, I know.) because everyone is going to be dead because of net neutrality, tax breaks, Kavanaugh’s nomination to SCOTUS, etc. Earth will get a much needed rest with all of us dead.

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