Republican Woman Running Ad With Her Gun Makes Feminists Sad

Excitable Ashley Reese at the uber-InsaneFeminist Jezebel is Offended by an ad

Woman Casually Sitting With Gun Would Like to Be Your Senator

Meet Leah Vukmir, a Republican Senate candidate from Wisconsin who wants to bring her conservative know-how to Washington. She would like you to vote for her, and she would like to ask you to vote for her while sitting at a table with a gun placed at her side. Extremely casual.

Vukmir explains in the ad that she received death threats over her policy positions: busting up unions and defunding Planned Parenthood, among others. She will also fight for these things in Washington, she says. Also, a gun.


Here’s the video

I’d vote for her. She seems badass. But, you know, she’s the wrong type of woman for the 3rd wave feminists, and she’s literally (Joe Biden style) like Hitler

  • There are three important visuals in this ad: the gun, the kitchen table, and the simple gold cross around her neck. The kitchen table and the plain gold cross (nothing ostentatious!) are like the visual form of those German words that have whole paragraphs of meaning – they are dog whistles that encapsulate all of religious conservatism.
  • 4 actually, you forgot the white skin on her face and hands.
  • A very Handmaid’s Tale vibe going on here. (everything seems to be a Handmaid’s Tale these days)
  • This is the creepiest thing I’ve seen this week, and I started watching The Handmaid’s Tale last night.
  • A cross and a gun…… Of course.
  • Ye Jezebel staff are getting real lazy and careless. Ye obviously mislabelled a trailer for the Handmaid’s Tale as an actual political ad.

And, remember, Democrats love the country, as this was down in the comments

  • Sadly I feel like this every damn day. I want to make it better and feel so defeated, but I refuse to give up.
  • I hear you. I 100% understand why civil wars happen now.
  • And revolutions, and the impulse to “kill them all.”

You stay classy, Dems.

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2 Responses to “Republican Woman Running Ad With Her Gun Makes Feminists Sad”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    There is a lot of reference to a handmaiden’s tale. I haven’t seen it, but from what I hear, it is how the left thinks the world would be if all of their fevered fantasies about normal people were true. But the world was never like that, even for the whole of American history when normal people were in charge. In America, when Christians ran everything, Atheism was permitted to flourish.

    The items about civil wars and “killing them all” is cute coming from the side that doesn’t want guns going to take on the side that does.

  2. Dana says:

    The left like people exercising their First Amendment rights . . . as long as they don’t say the wrong thing. And, of course, the left hate people exercising their Second Amendment rights.

    Was Mrs Vukmir’s weapon doing anything wrong? Was it rising up and shooting innocent people? No, it wasn’t, and Mrs Vukmir wasn’t using that weapon in an illegal manner.

    So, the gun didn’t do anything wrong, and Mrs Vukmir didn’t do anything wrong. Why, it’s almost as though law-abiding people can own firearms responsibly!

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