Bummer: Expensive Efforts To Mobilize Youths On ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Hasn’t Worked

What happens when you spend millions and millions of dollars on spreading awareness in an attempt to get mushy young minds to buy into your cult’s beliefs?

(Daily Caller) New research suggests Democratic billionaire Tom Steyer’s multi-million dollar effort to mobilize young voters around the issue of global warming hasn’t been very successful.

“Based upon this analysis of recent global warming public opinion data, little has changed generationally in the intervening years,” Johns Hopkins University researcher Shruti Kuppa wrote in her analysis of polling on global warming beliefs done seven years apart.

Kuppa compared polling from 2017 to polling of millennials and other generational groups’ attitudes on global warming conducted in 2010. Researchers with Yale University and George Mason University conducted both polls.

Steyer founded his political group, NextGen Climate Action, in 2013 with the goal of mobilizing the youth vote behind candidates backing global warming policies, including a $25-million effort to get millennials to back pro-climate policy Democrats in the 2016 election.

How’d it all work out?

Not much has changed in the last seven years despite Steyer, and other like-minded groups, spending millions of dollars trying to mobilize young voters around global warming.

“Overall, Millennials demonstrate similar or less engagement on global warming than older generations,” Kuppa wrote. “Millennials are less likely to discuss global warming with their friends and family than the older generations.”

They’re probably more worried about making sure they take the perfect selfie and other vapid things.

A recent study found liberal foundations spent nearly $567 million on global warming-related funding between 2011 to 2015, including $92.4 million for “climate change-related communication, media, and public mobilization.”

Another $46.6 million was spent on “renewable energy-related communication, media, and public mobilization efforts,” the study found.

Polling in recent years suggests that while Americans worry about global warming in the abstract, few rank it among the top priorities elected officials should address — even among Democrats.

Only 6 percent of likely voters think Democrats should focus on fighting global warming if they take back Congress in 2019, according to a March poll by Civis Analytics, which is made up of former Obama campaign staffers.

It really comes down to the notion that many people want to Do Something, but, they do not want it to impact themselves negatively, and most do not bother to do something themselves. I would bet that Millennials are hammered with so many different things that they are Supposed To Care About that the climate change scam is just one more thing that they know a few talking points phrases, but, do not really have any sort of true belief. Seriously, how many things are being pushed by the Social Justice Warriors that Millennials are supposed to care about? There’s always something that they are meant to be Outraged over.

Anyhow, good job, Tom Steyer and other leading climahypocrite leaders: you’ve pissed away a lot of money to find that Millennials “demonstrate similar or less engagement on global warming than older generations” and “are less likely to discuss global warming.”

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4 Responses to “Bummer: Expensive Efforts To Mobilize Youths On ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Hasn’t Worked”

  1. formwiz says:

    They’re smarter than we think.

    • Jeffery says:

      They almost have to be…

    • McGehee says:

      I never thought they were stupid enough to buy what Steyer and Jeffrerey are selling. I doubt you did either.

      The climate alarmists did, but they always aasume people are no smarter than themselves.

  2. Bill589 says:

    Our kids are smarter than their Leftist ‘teachers’.
    Thank goodness.

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