Democrats Are Being Advised To Avoid Discussing Single Payer

Don’t want the citizens to know that Democrats stand for government 100% controlling your health care, eh?

The 2 words you can’t say in a Democratic ad

Democratic voters want single payer health care. But don’t expect to hear Democratic candidates talk about it — at least not in those words.

To avoid divisive intraparty fights that drive candidates left — only to be attacked by Republicans for favoring socialized medicine — the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee warned aspirants last year about the political liabilities of endorsing “single payer,” according to sources familiar with the advice. An influential progressive group even urged candidates to discard the often-misunderstood phrase and embrace “Medicare for all” to draw strong connections with the popular seniors’ health program.

In other words, the DCCC wants candidates to lie.

Some Democrats argue that instead of focusing on the potentially divisive idea of single payer, the party should defend the Affordable Care Act against “sabotage” from Trump and congressional Republicans, who combined to repeal the individual mandate and scrap a key subsidy program that helps cover low-income people. That message is more compelling this year, argues Brad Woodhouse, campaign director of pro-Obamacare group Protect Our Care.

“We’re out of power right now, we can’t make any of that happen,” he said of single payer health care. The vast majority “of what you do when you’re out of power is prosecute the case against what they’ve done — otherwise there is no reason to make a change.”

They lost that power specifically because of Obamacare.

Early last year, the DCCC shared verbal guidance with candidates and political consultants about the liabilities of supporting single payer, including polls that showed support for the idea declined once voters heard that it would likely come with significant tax increases and the potential loss of private health coverage many Americans have today, according to sources who saw the guidance.

Yeah, it seems great right up to the point where people realize that government is going to be taking lots of their hard earned money to pay for it, and that they will have lost lots of control on their own medical decisions.

Oh, don’t forget that elected Republicans are complete weenies for not getting rid of Ocare like they promised. Trotting out plans that are Ocare Lite did not help.

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19 Responses to “Democrats Are Being Advised To Avoid Discussing Single Payer”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Every other advanced nation on Earth delivers high-quality healthcare to each of their residents for much less than the US spends per person.

    Most of those nations have BETTER healthcare outcomes than we do, for half the money!!!

    Con Man Myth #877: We have the best healthcare on Earth!

    We do not.

    tRump and the GOPhers are trying to suppress the release of new health insurance premiums due this fall before the mid-terms. Rates are expected to increase greatly.

    tRump promised better, less expensive healthcare for EVERY American! How’s that going?

    tRump Industries is sure making lots and lots of money, though.

    An opioid and meth crisis killing tens of thousands of young Americans every year. Their children wards of the states. Drastic cuts to medical research, mental health programs, CDC, school counselors and on and on. A do-nothing Congress. A recipe for a disaster.

    • formwiz says:

      No, every other nation in the world delivers lousy health care with single payer, the kind that killed Alfie Wise.

      And we do have the best care. That’s why the rest of the world comes here if they can. My wife treated a lot of them.

      BTW That opioid mess you mention is due to IdioCare.

      • david7134 says:

        The opioid issue is another fake program. I had the head of narcotics for north Louisiana in the office as a patient and asked him about it and got the idea that we have no issue at all. The big thing is fentanyl from China, coming across the Mexican border, were we don’t have a wall. But consider this, in most countries of the world you can buy narcotics and other prescription drugs across the counter. They don’t have the issues with abuse that we seem to have with prohibition. Then consider that the root cause of most pain is muscle spasm, but Medicare and by extension the government does not approve of giving muscle relaxants to those older that 65. So they push the opiates, even when the patient desires relaxants.

        • Jeffery says:

          More Americans died from opioid overdoses last year than for firearms and automobile accidents combined. You consider that a “fake” problem?

          Why does Medicare not approve of muscle relaxants for those over 65 and instead “push” opiates? Doesn’t Medicare rely on “Evidence-based Medicine”, based on balancing the risk and benefits of a particular medicine or procedure?

          • david7134d says:

            I love it when people refer to a situation by saying it has more deaths than these issues combined. What does that mean? Nothing. The number knocked around is 60,000. In a country of 330,000,000, that is zero. But you are used to using irrelevant numbers like CO2 concentration. Now, I am saying the number is irrelevant, not the people. Also, patients are kept from getting proper care due this fake situation. As to evidence based medical, it is a joke. The feds rely on Greers criteria. Which applied to nursing home patients and not healthy older folks. It is a classic example of what the government does to screw up things. Why don’t you tell us things about the world of drugs and how you stick it to us by charging too much for the medications and how people for as they can’t get the drugs.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            More Americans died from opioid overdoses last year than for firearms and automobile accidents combined.

            Uh, no they didn’t.
            Nignorant is lying and/or incredibly stupid or both.


        • Jeffery says:

          60,000 deaths A YEAR is really zero?? Fewer people than that are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year. Do you recommend not treating pancreatic cancer since the 5 year survival is dismal. Why bother? Or leukemia? Oral and pharyngeal? According to you, they are trivial in a country this populous.

          Why do we practice medicine? If not to save lives, only to make patients comfortable as they die?

          • david7134d says:

            Your rhetoric technique is tiresome. The figure of 60,000 is not a crisis. So don’t act stupid. The, almost all of these people are using street drugs with few coming from doctors. How many are suicides. But you desire to significantly restrict people who have pain. Why are you so cruel. In fact why do liberals insist on our failed method f drug control. Why can’t we have free access to mess like most countries. This was started by progressives and does not work.

    • david7134 says:

      No, much of what you have said is a lie, just like most everything you post.

    • gitarcarver says:

      tRump and the GOPhers are trying to suppress the release of new health insurance premiums due this fall before the mid-terms. Rates are expected to increase greatly.

      Of course, because with the hateful left all they do is project, the health care rates and allowances for increases are part of the original AHCA.

      This means that the increases are not on Trump or the Republicans, but on Obama and the Democrats who made promises they could not keep.

      In this day and age, the idea that the Dems will try to get away with the shifting of the blame shows that the left continues to act like whiny children who cannot take the blame for their own failed policies.

      So the end up doing what they do – they hate.

      It’s all they have.

      • Jeffery says:

        And all you have are unsubstantiated pseudofacts (lies).

        tRump, the GOPhers, and tRump’s DOJ are to blame, and you know it, but we understand why you want to shift the blame to others.

        Conservatism is killing America. Health care is only one symptom.

  2. formwiz says:

    It’s interesting to note somebody wants the ZippyCare mandate declared unconstitutional and the DOJ has no plans to defend it.

    And, except for Jeffery, I hear no one objecting.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    The donkeys should run on “single payer” and “global warming”.

    Raising taxes, too!


  4. Professor Hale says:

    Two things that democrats have to avoid to get elected:
    1. Their true agenda.
    2. Their record.

    • Jeffery says:

      Republic voters are so stupid/hateful that the GOP can actually tell them the truth and they think the Republics mean that it’s someone else who will be hurt:

      1. Redistribution of monies from the working classes to the wealthy and corporations.
      2. Dismantling any and all social safety net programs.

      As they cut progressive federal taxes on the rich and corporations, regressive local taxes are raised to make up the difference.

      Do the wealthy and corporations need Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? Do they need public transportation? They DO need the cheap labor, courts, police, roads, clean air and water, and the rest of the infrastructure that YOU provide for them!

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Nope, nignorant, you’re not paying attention.

        The strategy for the donks in Novenber:

        • Bring back 0bamacare. (you really can keep
        your doctor this time, promise.)
        • Catastrophic anthropogenic global warming
        (but call it man-made since donks
        cannot understand words with more than 2
        • Raise taxes (you work for the gubment,
        • Nancy Pelosi (she gets better with age.)
        • Impeachment!!! (Let Maxine draw up the


  5. Dana says:

    At least Bill Maher told the truth, saying aloud what a lot of the left want, but don’t say: he wants a recession to start, soon, to keep people from re-electing President Trump.

    “Sorry if that hurts people but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your democracy,” he said, apparently believing that it’s democracy to vote for Democrats, but fascism if people vote Republican.

  6. Jl says:

    J must be off his meds again…”redistribution of monies from the working class to the wealthy and corporations.” Pleas explain how that works, J, because that’s not what’s happening. How is a tax cut for almost everybody “transferring wealth to the rich”? It’s not. Actually, it’s negating a transfer of wealth to the government, which is why libs hate it, but it doesn’t take from one class and give to another. “And they cut progressive taxes on the rich…”. The US still has one of the most progressive tax systems of any developed nation.

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