Question For Y’all On Commenting

So, playing with texting capabilities, and I can make it so you can login with WordPress, Google, Twitter, or Facebook (or not login if you don’t want to) to comment, and the comments will appear without having to refresh or seeing the page reload, much like with Disqus (something I’m considering, as well).

However, the Monalisa emoticons you see below the commenting form would be gone. Cannot get them to work. Also, comment quick tags, things like bold, blockquote, italic, etc, would not show as buttons. You could manually use scripts.

If you want to see how it works, go here to my development site. I’ve turn on ability to comment temporarily.

Would you prefer with the emoticons and quicktags, or ability to use other logins? I can’t implement a plugin for logins, because that requires allowing new registrations to be on, and there are tons of spammers who take advantage of this. I had it open for a brief time yesterday and got three spammers.

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8 Responses to “Question For Y’all On Commenting”

  1. david7134 says:

    Disqus sounds good as you can block offensive people.

    • McGehee says:

      I quit Disqus recently because I had a phantom “follower” who never actually appeared in my follower list. Then there were people I couldn’t block. The two glitches may have been unrelated, but why take the chance?

  2. The Neon Madman says:

    I don’t really use emoticons much. A simple login procedure would be the best.

    I’m really more of a lurker than a commenter, though.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Do whatever is the quickest and simplest for the commenter.
    Love the quick tags and emoticons.
    Don’t mind logging in every time.

  4. Armed and Larry says:

    I still prefer the name & email login, your site remembers me even though I rarely post. The emoticons are cute…

  5. Dana says:

    The site does not remember me; I have to fill in my name, e-mail and website each time.

  6. Professor Hale says:

    I don’t use the emoticons or quick tags and I still have to type in my name/email every time. so do whatever makes sense to you.

  7. Armed and Larry says:

    I think windows might be remembering this form for me.

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