The Difference In Media Responses To Barr And Bee Is A Perfect Example Of The Bias

I don’t support Rosanne Barr. I did not watch her show when it first aired, and didn’t watch it now. First, I do not find her funny, I find her schtick annoying. Second, I generally did not care for most sitcoms. Third, I also do not care for most shows (and books) that are highly political, even if they support my views. Moving on, what Barr wrote on Twitter was extremely rude, and unnecessary.

Then there’s Samantha Bee. I do not watch her show, either. First, I know she’s an uber-liberal foreigner who should mind her own business. Second, just the title of the show, Full Frontal. It’s a non-funny way of using sex. Third, the show is unhinged. But, consider that what she said, calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless c*nt”, was scripted, practiced, performed, filmed, and broadcast. No one even considered “hey, this could be a really bad idea.” Rosanne’s was off the cuff.

Yet, Rosanne’s show is cancelled, and Bee’s wasn’t. Both apologized. And Bee received an award. Bee has lost a few sponsors, and should be losing others. Well, really, if Left and Right were treated the same, her show would be cancelled.

This is part of the bias. Let’s look at the other. The Washington Post features zero articles on Bee this morning. But, they do have two separate ones on Barr, one of which, an opinion piece, says Barr should blame Trump. On the opinion page, zero Bee, multiple Barr. At the NY Times we get

Samantha Bee and TBS Apologize for Ivanka Trump Slur

While the one on Barr was

After Racist Tweet, Roseanne Barr’s Show Is Canceled by ABC

Treated rather differently, eh? The Times had even attempted to defend Bee with

Then the USA Today

This whole thing perfectly shows the media bias, in an industry that is roughly 90% Democrat.

Listen, politics is a dirty, nasty business covered with a veneer of civility. When someone says “My esteemed colleague from X”, what they usually mean is “the asshole from X”, if they’re talking about the other party. We’ve seen fights on legislative floors around the world. In the British Parliament, they will hiss and boo. In the U.S., we’ve had duels. With pistols. Sure, it’s been awhile, but, the game of politics is hardcore. And politicians are not always the best of people.

Most who get involved understand all this. You better have some thick skin. But, what we constantly see is that a Republican/Conservative does something or says something, and then the media clutches their pearls in manufactured apoplexy. It’ll be all over the news constantly, and the opinion pages will be blaming all Republicans. But, then, a Democrat does/says something horrendous, and, when it’s not crickets, we tend to see things like defenses of the Democrats, circling the wagons, and even putting the blame on Republicans, with headlines like “Republicans pounce..” Our pearl clutching is in a mock manner, because we know the business of politics is dirty. We’re just exposing that the business that was giving a specific mention in the 1st Amendment is essentially an arm of one political party.

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13 Responses to “The Difference In Media Responses To Barr And Bee Is A Perfect Example Of The Bias”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Were you apoplectic when tRump’s buddy Ted Nugent called Secretary Clinton a “c*nt”? tRump even had Nugent to the White House.

    • I thought it was a terrible comment. I’m glad his show was canceled. Oh, right.

      Now, since you went down that road, the media were all over Ted for that comment for days and days. They said he represented all Republicans. Yet, they aren’t doing the same with Bee and the Left.

      So, you just helped prove the bias, Jeff.

      And I see you didn’t have it in you to say anything negative about Bee’s comment.

    • formwiz says:

      Were you apoplectic when Harry Belafonte called Condi Rice a house slave?

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Wow, had to go all the way back to 1994 for that one, huh, ya nignorant angry little black cunt?

  3. Josh Luna says:

    Around the world people have stopped watching star wars. SOLO bombed at the box office world wide in comparison to other star wars releases. Why? Because ABC/Disney is all into SJW’s running the franchise now. Its almost putrid in their minds to be a male in Galaxies far away. On a side note they just hired Keith Olberman back to ESPN the vile, filth, trash talking bigot who called Bush so many vile and hateful names has done the same to women, men and those of color if they are not far left whack jobs like himself.

    I believe when the left Defends MS-13 because they have boxed themselves into a corner. When the left can call people anything they want and get a pass from the press that the only real response of Americans will be in November. They will get waxed again, losing even more seats and losing even more power which will turn them back into the streets again.


    Because those stupid white people hate Blacks and Mexicans and Muslims. Its all they have. Their agenda is Donald Trump is a racist because by default he switched parties and ran as a republican. By default America is racist and the SJW Nazi patrol will ensure that the massive White voters will return to the polls in November to register their opinions of the vile and hateful left.

    • I was excited for the Solo movie. Right up until one of the actors was talking about playing a pansexual character, and the nutjob who plays Lando did that video as Childish Gambino. Not getting my money.

  4. Jeffery says:

    Barr’s (who was wrong and apologized and then took it back) show was cancelled by her bosses.

    Bee (who was wrong and apologized) is being attacked by the government of the United States.

    And you may not like it, but anti-black racism is perceived as worse than calling a woman a name. Just look at the T-shirts at tRump rallies calling HRC a c*nt.

    See the difference?

    • formwiz says:

      Most of the ones I see have MAGA on them.

      And little Sammy would be dead or in jail if she was being “attacked” by the government.

      Trump merely points out the double standard.

    • gitarcarver says:

      See the difference?

      Nope. And neither should you. If something is wrong then it is wrong is “decent America.”

      Maybe you think that treating women that way is acceptable. I don’t but then again, I never called my wife delusional in a public forum like you have. Maybe that is what you think is “decent.”

      As for “being attacked by the government of the United States,” please list the agency or department that has initiated anything toward Bee using the power and authority of the government.

      Go ahead. We’ll wait. And we will wait a long time because there is none.

      When the Obama administration used the full weight of the government to censor and investigate journalists, you said nothing. When the IRS used its power and authority to censor conservative voices, you said nothing and in fact supported the government.

      Now when the president shows the hypocrisy of you and the left, you try to rile up some sort of righteous anger and instead, are only showing your ignorance and hypocrisy.

      Once again, you defend the indefensible because of the hate you and the left have. After all, it is all you have.

    • Dana says:

      Every woman I’ve ever known who has expressed an opinion on the subject has said that calling a woman a C word is the worst insult you can throw at her. It reduces her to nothing but her genitals, presumably to service men.

      If you believe that calling a woman a C word is not as bad as calling a black person an N word, then you are really, really stupid.

    • Bee kinda too it back, too, and are you surprised that a father would be a bit upset over someone calling his daughter a feckless c*nt?

      And the most you can say was that what she said was wrong.

  5. formwiz says:

    Jeffery opens mouth, refuses to engage brain, inserts foot, proves Teach right.

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