Post Santa Fe Shooting, Not Much Has Changed On Texan’s Opinions On Gun Control

And by “not much has changed”, it means support has gone down, as the Dallas Morning News gives a little spin

Santa Fe shooting likely didn’t change Texans’ views on gun control, polling shows

The shooting at Santa Fe High School does not appear to have changed the minds of Texans who support or oppose stricter gun laws, a new Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday shows.

According to the poll, which was conducted the week after the shooting, 49 percent of Texans support stricter gun laws in the U.S., while 45 percent oppose it. In an April poll asking Texans about gun laws, 55 percent supported stricter regulations while 41 percent opposed it.

“The tragedy at the Santa Fe school south of Houston changed few opinions among Texas voters about gun control,” Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac Poll, said in a news release. “Support for gun control in general is down slightly, while support for background checks for all gun buyers is virtually unchanged.”

A six point change down supporting stricter gun laws and a 4 point swing up shows that views did, in fact, change. Fernando Ramirez at the Houston Chronicle gets it right in showing that support for more gun control has dipped.

More than 90 percent of Texans — gun owners or not — support universal background checks for gun buyers.

The vast majority of us do support them. We’re just concerned what the gun grabbers will do with their version of universal background checks, mostly in how they might make it much, much harder for law abiding citizens to engage in their 2nd Amendment Right, especially through new restrictions. And how the gun grabbers will see UBCs as just a step along the road to what they really want.

Texans also seem to favor more armed personnel at schools, Brown said.

“While 51 percent of Texas voters want to arm teachers and other school officials, 87 percent of voters want armed security officers in the schools,” he said.

Even the liberal Texans seem to realize that we should protect the schools. Here are some of the other details of the poll

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