Hotcoldwetdry Won’t Heat The Planet Equally Or Something

But, this isn’t about what you’re thinking, nor what I though when I first saw the headline. It’s not about creating a Narrative where you can still blame ‘climate change’ when the temperatures do not comply with prognostications. Oh, no

Climate change won’t heat the planet equally

You’ve probably heard what happens when there’s a snow flurry in Texas. Things get weird. The roads aren’t built for it. Highways close, kids stay home from school, people panic.

In places closer to the equator that usually see only slight variations in temperature, the consequences of global warming are likely to be far more extreme. The outsize vulnerability of the world’s poorest people to damaging effects of climate change like droughts and floods is well established. It’s harder for people to overcome disasters in regions without the resources and infrastructure that are plentiful in wealthier parts of the world.

Now, a new study published in Geophysical Research Letters adds insult to injury. By mapping economic and social development to climate models’ “signal-to-noise ratio”—which compares normal local temperature fluctuation (noise) to overall increases to average local temperatures (signal)—the authors determined that the poorest populations on the planet will experience more perceptible climate change than the richest. In other words, in places with already fragile social and ecological systems, climate change won’t just be harder to deal with, it will actually be more noticeable, and worse.

Wait, what? How’d we get from what we’re told is Totally Science, You Guys, to “mapping economic and social development” to climastrology computer models to “poor people are hosed because Al Gore flies a private jet”?

So, by “won’t heat the planet equally”, this screed from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which is supposed about science, became all about Left wing identity politics.

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