Lindsay Graham: Trump Deserves Nobel Prize If North Korea Gives Up Nukes

Lindsay Graham was once a big time never Trumper. Now we get things like this

(Real Clear Politics) Sen. Lindsey Graham told ‘Fox & Friends’ Friday morning that if North and South Korea make peace and North Korea gets rid of its nuclear weapons President Trump “deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.”

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: Okay, so here’s the deal. It wouldn’t have happened without Trump. It may not happen, but it is the biggest change since the end of the hostilities. The fact that the North Korean and South Korean presidents met, and they vowed to end the war. What happened? Donald Trump convinced North Korea and China he was serious about bringing about change. We’re not there yet but if this happens President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

All of the criticism of President Trump on fire and fury and maximum pressure – I’m glad he didn’t listen to all of those who failed before him. He has convinced North Korea that you’ve got two options: you can become a normal country or we will take you down if you keep trying to build missiles to hit the American homeland and I think they convinced North Korea and China that Trump is serious. Every president before him tried this. What is different about Trump?

He goes on to say that we aren’t quite there yet, but, if we do get there, this is big.


(The Hill) Rep. Luke Messer (R-Ind.) is pressing colleagues to support President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Messer says it would recognize Trump for his role in the new peace talks between North and South Korea.

“We are seeing unprecedented progress toward peace, and it’s a direct result of President Trump’s strong leadership,” said Messer, who is battling fellow GOP Rep. Todd Rokita (Ind.) and former Rep. Mike Braun in a primary to take on Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly.

“Following this historic announcement, President Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize. Our peace through strength strategy is delivering never before seen results,” Messer added in a statement.

Hey, Obama got a Nobel for ….. being elected and talking a lot. Of course, we’re starting to see things like

Liberals are attempting to find ways to make sure Trump gets no credit for anything that happens in regards to the Koreas.

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2 Responses to “Lindsay Graham: Trump Deserves Nobel Prize If North Korea Gives Up Nukes”

  1. formwiz says:

    Waiting for Jeffery to tell us how stupid tRump is.

    And Kim’s only talking because his testing center collapsed due to a little thing called “Rods From God” tRump sent his way. And because tRump ate Red China’s lunch in that little trade war.

    PS Grahamnesty goes with what he thinks is the winning horse.

  2. The tweet from resisting Lib is typical. This is a pattern that has been developing since Nixon. Despite evidence to the contrary, the pattern is that All Democrats are angelic, brilliant and effective and all Republicans are bumbling, stupid, and evil. Supporting any liberal agenda item is “doing what is right” and voting for any conservative item is “blindly following party over country”.

    Arguing with such people is pointless. They believe what they want to believe. Evidence is futile. And they can say the same about the conservative side. We marvel at how stupid they are. They marvel at how stupid we are. The only real difference is that the liberals want to use force against conservatives to get what they want (insert favorite liberal agenda item).

    The people who are like this, the true believers, have been growing exponentially as a percentage of population since the Clinton administration. And those in power have been cynically harnessing that energy to stay in power. America today is so polarized that it has gone beyond threats of force. We now regularly see threats of violence, fully supported by the righteous virtue of their side.

    It makes me sad, because I remember how America used to be and I remember what America could be. This didn’t have to happen. We are moving down this path because our political leaders don’t urge caution, restraint and tolerance. And the sheep (both sides) follow along and bleat when they are told to. They do it for their own enrichment and power. and most of the American people follow along rooting for their team. “Ba-aa-aa”.

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