Oregon County Looks To Become Sanctuary From Gun Grabber Laws

Might there be a movement afoot? There are several counties in Illinois who have declared themselves “sanctuaries” from gun grabber laws. Jefferson County, Ill. has also declared itself a sanctuary. Now this spreads to Oregon

(Oregon Live) Some residents of an Oregon county are asking voters to support a proposed ballot measure that would bar local officials from enforcing any gun control law and uphold gun rights outlined in the Constitution.

The proposed Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance was filed with the Deschutes County clerk last week. It would empower the county sheriff to review federal, state and local laws and determine whether they violate the U.S. or Oregon constitutions.

It appeared aimed at a statewide proposal that would essentially ban assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines in Oregon. Gun control advocates are collecting signatures to qualify that measure, Initiative Petition 43, for the November ballot.

Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson publicly opposed the proposal this month, saying Oregon already has laws on background checks and age restrictions. He noted that among those prohibited from buying a gun are convicted felons, those convicted of misdemeanor crimes involving violence, and those found to be mentally ill.

“I support and defend the Second Amendment and oppose IP 43,” Nelson wrote on the sheriff’s office Facebook page.

Much of the the proposed ordinance uses language much like used by illegal alien sanctuary jurisdictions, with a twist

The proposed county initiative would bar Deschutes County from using its funds or employees to enforce any rules “that infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.”

Will this catch on as a thing for counties and cities, particularly in areas that support Republicans in states that tend to be run by Democrats? We’ll see.

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  1. Trish McNamara says:

    This could be fantastic! Hope it continues…

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