Democrat Pushing ‘Climate Change’ Action For Campaign Drives A Whole Lot

Reason #2 why the Cult Of Climastrology is full of mule fritters

(Daily Caller)  Democratic House candidate Gareth Rhodes has made climate change a campaign issue while simultaneously driving hundreds of miles in a 1999 Ford Winnebago.

Rhodes — who is mounting a challenge for GOP Rep. John Faso’s seat in New York’s 19th congressional district — has joined other Democrats in calling for more action to combat climate change. Rhodes believes humans don’t have time to wait when it comes to saving the environment, and he is striving for a “fossil-fuel-free future,” according to his campaign website. The New York Democrat, who is currently in a primary battle for his party’s nomination, consistently makes environmental issues a part of his campaign theme.

However, the environmentally conscious candidate has adopted a seemingly contradictory form of travel. After officially jumping into the race, Rhodes has vowed to visit all 163 towns within New York’s 19th district, not in a Tesla Model 3 or Nissan Leaf, but in a 1999 Ford Winnebago. Footage of him crisscrossing the district in the RV has become a mainstay of his campaign.

Something like that gets around 8-15 MPG, but, hey

Rhodes, however, argues that the emissions his campaign doles out are negated because he purchases carbon offsets through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. The program allows Rhodes to fund green energy initiates elsewhere, but do not stop the pollutants emanating from his RV road trip.

That’s like continuously speeding then paying the tickets because you do not want to give up your lifestyle of speeding. And demanding that Everyone Else be forced to stop speeding by having a device put on a vehicle that limits Them to the speed limit.

But, even if we accept his hypocrisy in purchasing carbon offsets (many say they’re just a racket), he’s the one calling for an end to fossil fuels. But doesn’t for himself.

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