Deerfield Sued For “Assault Weapons” And Magazine Ban Ban

Well, it didn’t take very long for the lawsuit to happen

(Washington Times) Gun-rights advocates on Thursday sued an Illinois village over its new ban on military-style semiautomatic “assault” rifles and high capacity ammunition magazines, saying the ordinance not only stops purchases but could lead to confiscations.

The ban passed by the Deerfield Village Board earlier this week “flies in the face of state law,” said Alan M. Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, which sued along with the Illinois State Rifle Association and a Deerfield resident.

John Boch, president of Illinois-based Guns Save Life, also vowed to file a lawsuit.

“We are going to fight this ordinance, which clearly violates our member’s constitutional rights, and with the help of the NRA, I believe we can secure a victory for law-abiding gun owners in and around Deerfield,” he said. (snip)

The new lawsuit Thursday says the village is breaking state law, which allows for amendments to previous ordinances. The lawsuit says the outright ban goes far beyond an amendment.

“While the village is trying to disguise this as an amendment to an existing ordinance, it is, in fact, a new law that entirely bans possession of legally owned semi-auto firearms, with no exception for guns previously owned, or any provision for self-defense,” Mr. Gottlieb said.

The question here is, does the city of Deerfield back down and repeal their new law, or will they fight? I guess that depends as to whether the deep-pocketed anti-gun groups like Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown (Mike is protected by people carrying firearms) gives them money.

Gun-rights groups pointed to Deerfield’s new language that specifically allows police to confiscate the banned weapons as particularly concerning.

“This certainly puts the lie to claims by anti-gunners that ‘nobody is coming to take your guns,’” Mr. Gottlieb said.

Of course they are. They usually try to dink and dunk their way towards their ultimate goal, no private ownership of firearms. Even if Deerfield backs down or loses this, it gives other cities an idea to try. One can see another city giving it a shot, but leaving out the confiscation language.

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7 Responses to “Deerfield Sued For “Assault Weapons” And Magazine Ban Ban”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The gun grabbers have really made progress against you ammosexuals over the years. 300 million private firearms, millions of AR-15 style semi-auto rifles rigged to kill humans wholesale, Supreme Court affirming the right of Americans to keep and bear arms, bump stocks, 30 round magazines…

    Poor babies…

    Fear is all the right has.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Our Supreme Court has rejected cases on local bans of assault weapons, affirming lower court rulings.

    It may be the case, as Justice Scalia stated, that there are Constitutional limits to our 2nd Amendment. The courts, not ammosexuals, will decide.

  3. Jeffery says:

    34% of gun owners self-reported as having a mental issue. A similar number self-reported frequent use of mind-altering licit and illicit drugs.

    • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

      Review your source once again. You’ve had Stats, yes? You may have had a professional study design course or some sort as well. Explain to me why, scientifically speaking, you think that is valid.

      • Jeffery says:

        If you have a critique of the study, please make your case.

        • Drowningpuppies says:

          Only a nignoramous would consider that a valid study…

          Oh, wait!

        • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

          Self selected subjects=invalid, and sample size. That’s without seeing the survey questions, or anything else regarding their test administration. Don’t you have a science degree? You should have 8-15 credits in this from just a hard science undergrad degree.

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