Across Pennsylvania, 4 in 10 Registered Voters Have Literally Witnessed Bad Weather Or Something

Across Pa, 4 in 10 voters are dumbasses who should not be allowed to vote because they’re mindless drones

Poll: Climate change causing problems for significant number of Pennsylvanians

Across Pennsylvania, four in 10 registered voters say they have personally experienced problems related to climate change, according to a recent poll from StateImpact Pennsylvania and Franklin & Marshall College.

Dealing with extreme weather is a common theme among Pennsylvanians who responded that they believe climate change is affecting them. Some have had to cancel vacations due to hurricanes, while others have experienced flooding in their basements.

For Carol Gingrich of Bushkill, a town in the Pocono mountains along the New Jersey border, it’s the seemingly nonstop storms.

“We have gone through four nor’easters just this winter,” she said. “Now, it’s not unusual to have a nor’easter come onto the East Coast like this. But four pretty much back to back, and one really devastated the area, is pretty intense.”

First, there’s no proof that any of these storms are anything other than normal weather during a Holocene warm period.

Second, when did so many people become so soft?

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