Oregon Looks To Punish Law Abiding Citizens By Requiring Use Of Trigger Locks

It’s always interesting that these “common sense gun control” wankers rarely ever seem to want to punish criminals who use firearms while committing crimes. It’s always the people who have firearms for hunting, sport, and self protection who are the targets

Initiative would make Oregon gun owners use trigger locks, be liable for injuries

Two relatives of people killed in the 2012 Clackamas Town Center shooting filed a proposed ballot initiative Monday that would establish wide-ranging requirements for gun owners, from how guns must be stored to making gun owners liable for injuries caused with their firearms. Their initiative is the second gun-related measure that could appear on Oregon’s November 2018 ballot if backers gather enough valid signatures.

Backers will have to gather more than 88,000 voter signatures to put the question on the ballot this fall.

If Initiative Petition 44 qualifies for the ballot and is adopted by voters, it would compel Oregon gun owners to:

  • Store and transfer their weapons with trigger locks or in tamper-proof locked boxes
  • Directly supervise any child who uses their gun
  • Report a lost or stolen gun to the police within 24 hours of when they knew or should have known of the gun was missing
  • Be fully liable for an injury caused with their gun, unless the injury results from self defense or defense of another person

Breaking the new gun ownership rules, if voters enact them, could result in fines of up to $2,000 per violation.

Meanwhile, the Democrats in charge will give the actual criminals a slap on the wrist with some Harsh Words. It’s the last bullet point that is the most important, because requiring trigger locks or storing them in a tamper proof box is virtually unenforceable, unless the new law, if this passes, would see armed law enforcement be given blanket warrants to enter people’s homes and demand to see their papers guns. Making citizens responsible for any injuries caused by their gun being stolen and used by a criminal is the biggie, meant to punish people who have been victims of a property crime and turn them into a criminal.

And it appears as if this Initiative would turn violations into felonies, which would bar people from being able to own firearms. Huh.

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