Clear Backpacks Are Mean, So Let’s Fill Them With Feminine Products

The same Generation Tide Pod schmucks who want to limit the 2nd Amendment, even repeal it, are totally the best people to listen to, right?

In case you weren’t aware, Cameron is a guy. Who also linked to this other schmuck

Universal background checks would be fine, if the Left haven’t already stated that they want to use them to deny people who would otherwise get a permit. “High Capacity Clips”? Learn the proper terms before yammering. Assault weapons ban? Sure sounds like they’re trying to take guns. And after that, they’ll says “well, most are being shot with handguns, so, we need to put in some sort of restriction”. It’s about dinking and dunking to a true ban. Why were so many Democrats super enthused and in solidarity with Justice Stevens calling for a repeal of the 2nd?

Interesting. Not one thing about the sheriff, FBI, and school dropping the ball. But, hey, they’re so strong that they melt down over transparent backpacks*, filling them with tampons.

*I do not think transparent backpacks really solve the problem in a decent school like Stoneman Douglas. And could be a 4th Amendment violation.

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6 Responses to “Clear Backpacks Are Mean, So Let’s Fill Them With Feminine Products”

  1. Hoss says:

    These kids are becoming media whores on the level of Chuck Schumer and John McCain; and children are to be seen, and not heard. And thanks, but I’ll take a hard pass on 16 and 17 year-olds helping to make policy decisions based on bad information, their “feelings,” and their vast life experience.

    We’ll agree to weaken the 2nd Amendment right after we do some polishing to the 1st Amendment, repeal the 17th, after we start enforcing the 10th, a little fine-tuning of the 14th….for starts.

  2. Drowningpuppies says:

    Cameron Kaskey is a little fag.

  3. I don’t expect children to understand that the world existed before they were alive. But I remember it. I remember all of these issues before. No one believes “you don’t want our guns” because we remember all those times where you tried to take them away. American gun owners remember all the previous times this was tried, like the assault weapons ban in this country that was the law of the land for a time. We remember that having the law and the law expiring made zero difference in violent crimes committed with “assault weapons” (those covered by the law). We remember gun confiscations in California. We remember the DC city government enforcing laws against gun ownership no matter how many times the Supreme court tells them their laws are unconstitutional.

    Since I remember all of these arguments from hearing them over and over decade after decade, I understand there is no point discussing it any further with liberals. There is no middle ground. Every compromise will be met with additional demands. Gun ownership is a human rights issue. Self preservation is the most fundamental human right. Disarmament throughout history is always about keeping the serfs in line.

  4. formwiz says:

    17 dead, 14 wounded, and he’s saying, “We’re too strong for your attacks”?

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