Bummer: E.P.A. Plans To Roll Back Obama ‘Climate Change’ Scam Rules For Autos

Do I even have to write it? If Warmists really, really cared, they’d give up their own use of fossil fuels. And the NY Times would stop using fossil fuels to gather and distribute the news (though it seems a lot of the news gathering they do is simply reading hard left websites, rather than getting out there and asking questions and investigating)

E.P.A. Set to Roll Back Rules Forcing Cars to Be Cleaner

The Trump administration is expected to launch an effort in coming days to weaken greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy standards for automobiles, handing a victory to car manufacturers and giving them ammunition to potentially roll back industry standards worldwide.

The move — which undercuts one of President Barack Obama’s signature efforts to fight climate change — would also propel the Trump administration toward a courtroom clash with California, which has vowed to stick with the stricter rules even if Washington rolls back federal standards. That fight could end up creating one set of rules for cars sold in California and the 12 states that follow its lead, and weaker rules for the rest of the states, in effect splitting the nation into two markets.

Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, is expected to frame the initiative as eliminating a regulatory burden on automakers that will result in more affordable trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles for buyers, according to people familiar with the plan.

An E.P.A. spokeswoman confirmed that Mr. Pruitt had sent a draft of the 16-page plan to the White House for approval.

The particulars of the plan are still being worked out. Those specifics, which are expected this year, could substantially roll back the Obama-era standards, according to two people familiar with the deliberations.

Pruitt is expected to make an announcement on Tuesday, and this rule change would, of course, make automakers happy

Major automakers would welcome the change. They are prepared to participate in making new rules that meet “our customers’ needs for affordable, safe, clean and fuel-efficient transportation,” said Gloria Bergquist, a spokeswoman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufactures, which represents many of the world’s largest automakers.

Really, it’s consumers who would benefit. Consumers are the ones paying for Obama’s Hotcoldwetdry beliefs, all while he traveled around in a large gas guzzling limo, surrounded by lots of large gas guzzling SUVs. The automakers simply pass on the higher costs. Of course, in California and a few other states, they prefer to artificially increase consumer costs for their Warmist beliefs

In California, state lawyers said they were expecting a fight. The state has a special waiver under the 1970 Clean Air Act empowering it to enforce stronger air pollution standards than those set by the federal government, a holdover from California’s history of setting its own air pollution regulations before the federal rules came into force. “We’re prepared to do everything we need to defend the process,” said Xavier Becerra, the attorney general of California, in an interview.

This simply increases costs for California consumers, and, get this, it also makes the vehicles worth less on the market when an attempted trade in or private market sale occurs.

However, don’t expect much to change. Automakers aren’t going to roll back their improvements to fuel economy. What you might possibly see are more high powered vehicles on the road. This will end up being much ado over nothing.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: E.P.A. Plans To Roll Back Obama ‘Climate Change’ Scam Rules For Autos”

  1. Rick Vogel says:

    There is an easy way to fix this. The MPG ratings for electric cars are a joke. The EPA originally assumed perfect energy conversion of fossil fuels at the power plant to compare with the conversion done in a car’s engine. Using the real conversion rate and associated power losses the MPG is about 1/3 of the EPA’s (and electric car manufacturers numbers). Correct this obvious discrepancy and California’s attempt to put everyone in electric cars (and high speed rail) will fall flat. No one will be able to advertise 60 MPG.

    It is especially ironic, given the distances one needs to travel in California, that California leads the nation in this idiocy.

    Full article on conversion – https://www.forbes.com/sites/warrenmeyer/2010/11/24/the-epas-electric-vehicle-mileage-fraud/#5949ce4929de

  2. david7134 says:

    Tesla is supposed to be going under in a month.

  3. The article doesn’t say, but this looks like the old CAFE standard. The interesting part of that was that it was based on the presumption that a car maker had an “average” MPG for the fleet it sold. and that by legislation, they could improve mileage without inventing new technology. But it ended it that buyers of SUVs would simply pay a higher tax. The simple fact is, the ability to use an engine to move a mass is governed by basic principles of physics. Not EPA regulations.

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