Heat Trapping Gasses Are Apparently Making Winter Weather Worse Or Something

Is there nothing carbon pollution from you driving to work and getting a burger for lunch can’t do?

Is Climate Change Making Winter Weather Worse? New Study Stokes the Debate

Episodes of winter warming in the Arctic are increasingly likely to be followed by severe winter weather in the eastern U.S., including cold snaps and snowstorms, a study published in Nature Communications this month finds.

The new study is the latest salvo in a longstanding debate on the links between midlatitude winter weather and conditions in the Arctic, where climate change has led to dramatic warming.

The study’s authors include Judah Cohen and Karl Pfeiffer (Atmospheric and Environmental Research) and Jennifer Francis (Rutgers University). Cohen and Francis are two leading proponents of Arctic-midlatitude linkage. Their work offers a potential explanation for some noteworthy episodes of bitter cold and heavy snow that have occurred across the eastern U.S. over the past decade in the midst of overall national and global warming.

Let’s just skip to the chase: they’re claiming that a warming world is making winters colder and more brutal. So, I have to wonder, if the temperature trends down, will that make winters less brutal? These people are always finding ways to prop up their cult, to the point that no matter what happens, it’s always the fault of AGW. If the Earth went into another glacial period, they’d blame it all on carbon pollution.

And they have to manufacture those links, because plenty of winters over the past 10+ years in both Hemispheres have been cold and snowy. And, they always want that sweet, sweet government cash.

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6 Responses to “Heat Trapping Gasses Are Apparently Making Winter Weather Worse Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Dr. Francis previously proposed that the rapidly warming* Arctic promotes the dipping of the jet stream and the associated Arctic cold into the northern US from the polar region.

    Is the Arctic warming because of CO2-generated global warming? The scientists who study such things say yes, American conservatives say no.

    * “Warming” is a relative term. It doesn’t mean the Arctic is suddenly balmy, only that it is warmer than average. An Arctic that is 10F warmer than average during the northern winter is still cold for Ohio, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. That’s the hypothesis for how a warming Arctic can lead to cold in the northern regions of the US, Europe and Asia. Science is hard.


  2. Jl says:

    In the 70’s these same climatic occurrences were blamed on global cooling. And there were sure they were right. https://realclimatescience.com/2018/02/science-cold-is-the-new-hot/

    • Jeffery says:

      This is a common misconception (misinformation?) on/from the right. Of the scientific papers making predicitons, there were 7 that suggested there could be long term cooling. Most (42) scientific papers at the time supported the theory that the increased CO2 would continue to cause warming. 19 papers were neutral. A few articles in the media (Time ’74; Newsweek ’75) hyped the cooling papers.

      Contrary to con lore, in the 70s there was no scientific consensus regarding global cooling EVEN in the face of a warming “pause”. The scientific consensus now is that the Earth is warming from CO2 that humans have dumped into the atmosphere.

  3. Jl says:


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