‘Climate Change’ Will Not Make Us Nicer Or Something

In fact, Warmists are saying that these tiny temperature increases are “frightening”



More than two centuries after Montesquieu, the notion that climate molds character is getting some support from modern science. A report published in November in the journal Nature Human Behaviour claimed that ambient temperature (that is, the temperature of the surrounding environment) is a “crucial” factor associated with an individual’s personality. The paper—by a team of psychologists based in China, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States—found that, compared to people who grew up in areas with more extreme temperatures,

individuals who grew up in regions with more clement temperatures (that is, closer to 22°C) scored higher on personality factors related to socialization and stability (agreeableness, conscientiousness, and emotional stability) and personal growth and plasticity (extraversion and openness to experience).

The report concluded that as global climate change continues, “we may also observe concomitant changes in human personality,” with the caveat that the extent of such changes “await[s] future investigation.”

In other words, everyone will be nicer because pleasant weather will allow us to go outside and be social. But, hey, nice, pleasant weather where you can take your loved ones out for a wonderful lunch just to be with them is a Bad Thing

It’s tantalizing to think that climate change could smooth out our personal rough spots, or that rising temperatures will gradually turn gruff New Englanders into laid-back Californians. But don’t count on it. Rentfrow is careful to qualify the report’s prediction of possible personality impacts. “Any changes that might happen as a result of climate change would probably end up being over generations,” he said. And perhaps more significantly, “not all places are going to become warmer,” he added. “Some places will experience harsher winters, while others get hotter and drier.”

Good grief.

This is why Bushman finds the implications of the research not at all cheery, but “frightening.” He wrote in an email, “As climate change makes temperatures more extreme, people should become less sociable.” His own research predicts that global warming will increase crime, on the theory that living at lower temperatures, with more seasonal variation, requires groups to focus on the future and exercise more self-control, which in turn inhibits aggression and violence. (snip)

The Inuit are now on the front lines of a warming world, but before long, even the agreeable, extraverted folks in more temperate zones will find it impossible to ignore. Climate change, then, is more than a mood booster or anger trigger: It’s “a real transformation in society and culture,” Mathews warns. “The future is going to be radically strange.”

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One Response to “‘Climate Change’ Will Not Make Us Nicer Or Something”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    The only real proof of the scientific theory was computer models, programmed to assume that increasing carbon dioxide was the most important factor driving climate.


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