CNN: Say, Enforcing Immigration Law Is Like Jews Under Hitler

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(Breitbart) CNN published a news article on Wednesday evening that suggested the enforcement of federal immigration law was equivalent to the murder of six million Jews in the Holocaust.

The article, by Kyung Lah and Alberto Moya, was presented as news, not opinion. Its central premise was that a Jewish woman was inspired by memories of the Holocaust to hide illegal aliens on the run from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials (a federal crime).

CNN posted a tweet to promote the article, declaring: “A Jewish woman heard an undocumented immigrant and her two daughters were on the run from ICE. Driven by thoughts of the Holocaust, she risked her own comfort to offer them shelter.”

The “Jewish woman” in question has no particular link to the Holocaust. She was born after the war and cites no relatives as survivors. She is simply exploiting the symbolism of the Holocaust for a cause.

The implication is that ICE agents are like Nazis or Gestapo secret police ready to arrest illegal aliens for legitimate reason other than their identity. Jews in Germany and in Nazi-occupied Europe were citizens of the countries where they were arrested, and where they were murdered or deported to death camps. They had not violated immigration laws or any other laws except laws preventing them from existing.

Just typical unhinged behavior from Leftists. Who, interestingly, are often calling for the end of the Jewish state and backing murderous Palestinians.

BTW, yes, this actually does bother me. My grandparents on my mother’s side escape from Europe in the late 1930’s as the Nazi party was coming to power, seeing the writing on the wall. They were Jews.

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3 Responses to “CNN: Say, Enforcing Immigration Law Is Like Jews Under Hitler”

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  2. Hoss says:

    CNN is so bad these days everything they do just looks like they’re trolling. They’re like a kid you need to tell to go sit back down at the kid’s table and let the adults talk.

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