‘Climate Change’ Needs Better Storytelling Or Something

Right. This is what they need

From the link

SINGAPORE: The story about climate change arguably got its first big public hit more than ten years ago with Al Gore’s documentary about global warming An Inconvenient Truth.

But maintaining public attention and keeping the heat on climate change action have been tough.

Well, when you’re holding up a movie riddled with lies and errors, along with failed prognostications, this is what you get.

People need to be excited and inspired to take action and change their behaviour, he added.

Why should they, when their Warmist betters not only refuse to do the same, but tend to have much higher carbon footprints than your average Warmist?


The start of 2018 has been marked by extreme weather with widespread impact on public safety, transport, energy and health around the world.

A major winter storm hit the United States Atlantic coast in early January, battering coastal areas with heavy snow, blizzards and strong winds and a drop in temperatures. (snip)

Flash floods, strong winds and hailstones in Singapore coupled with a bout of freakish cool weather, the longest cold spell experienced here in at least a decade showed we were not immune. (snip)

These extreme weather events were both signals of a dangerous, human-made shift in Earth’s climate as much as they were a natural stretch of bad luck.

First, who would have imagined that winter weather would occur in winter (there’s bit in the article about gasp summer weather occurring in summer in the Southern Hemisphere). That’s unheard of, right?

Second, these people are actually attempting to blame significant cold, such as the longest cold spell in at least a decade, on greenhouse gasses. It’s an unscientific cult.

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8 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ Needs Better Storytelling Or Something”

  1. JGlanton says:

    That’s one SCARY hailstone there!

    Looks like material for a full-on disaster movie.

    The only thing changing in Singapore is caused by a stiff case of UHI effect from population growth.

  2. Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

    Bah, all they’ve been telling are “stories”.

  3. Ken in NH says:

    Let me give it a try: Green house gasses have caused warming in the southern hemisphere in past few months. Since heat is attracted to heat (um, 2nd law of BS or something), heat in the northern hemisphere was sucked down south causing colder temperatures. Science!

    • Rick says:

      Wait, did you actually APPLY for the job of New Narrative Writer? That was pretty impressive.

  4. Jeffery says:

    The NSF concluded that “Science is Hard!”.

    these people are actually attempting to blame significant cold, such as the longest cold spell in at least a decade, on greenhouse gases.

    Although the overall average surface temperature continues to increase, the fact that it’s an average allows for areas above the average (e.g., the arctic) and some below the average (US upper midwest). Can the warming arctic cause dips in the jet stream that allow cold air to spill further south than usual? That’s the hypothesis. So contrary to your simple notion, the warming Earth doesn’t cause cold, but may change the way it distributes. Denialism is a cult.

    Do you think you know more than the experts? You’ve been wrong all along, why do you think you’re right now?

  5. Jeffery says:

    Glans doesn’t even know what scientology is!

    • JGlanton says:

      It defends itself with personal attacks and false appeals to authority. Just like you do with your cult.

      BTW, I’ve studied scientology extensively for years and have had two meetings with one of it’s top leaders.

      BTW, extreme cold in the arctic causes more storms, too. It’s all about the weather delta-T’s and -P’s, and not about unproven connections to fossil fuel emissions.

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