No, No, Democrats Really Don’t Want To Take Away Your Guns, Part Lots

Seriously, they don’t

(Hot Air) This Quinnipiac poll isn’t as dire as the YouGov poll released last week, which put Democratic support for banning all semiautomatic weapons — not rifles, weapons — at an amazing 82 percent. It may be that anti-gun sentiment has begun to cool a bit as the shock of the shooting recedes. Even so, the liberal mask about “common-sense regulations” is pretty well off by now.

That’s right, 74% want all semi-automatic rifles banned, even the non-scary looking ones. Like this

Other than cosmetics, that is the exact same thing as one of the oft-cited AR-15’s.

And you have Leftist nujobs like

Black has long been a gun grabbing extremist, but, hilariously, I do enjoy that he certainly messed up in calling for the 2A to be redefined strictly as a right. I’m up for that. Let’s make the language very clear that citizens have a right to a firearm, whether it be for hunting, target practice, sporting, protection for themselves/family, or protection against the government.

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29 Responses to “No, No, Democrats Really Don’t Want To Take Away Your Guns, Part Lots”

  1. Jeffery says:

    A veteran with a rifle shot and killed three employee hostages at Veterans Home in Napa Valley today.

    • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

      Gun violence in a gun free zone? Unpossible!!!

    • Dana says:

      So, now it’s not an ‘automatic’ weapon, but just a ‘rifle’ that’s the problem. We know where Jeffery will lead next.

      • Jeffery says:

        At the time, the type of rifle wasn’t identified, although it seems likely it was an AR-15 type rifle. We were being accurate.

        I betcha I own more rifles than you. 30-06, 30-30, .243, .50, .22. But sorry, no assault weapons.

        Most “gun grabbers” I know are not advocating halting sales of ALL guns, just the semi-automatic versions used in most mass shootings.

        • xtron says:

          and the smoking Nazis, in the mid 60’s “didn’t want to make you stop smoking” they “onky” wanted to ban smoking on domestic flights of 2 hours or less. look where they are on smoking bans today.
          what makes you think the gun grabbers won’t do the same thing??
          in the early 60’s seat belts were optional equipment on sports cars, and not required to be worn. then the “for the children” began pushing their installation on all cars, use was still optional. where are we today…mandatory use by all in all states.
          what makes you think the gun grabbers won’t use the same tactics??
          use to be if you wanted to ride a bicycle, or motorcycle, without a helmet, that was fine. then the safety crew started lobbying for “safer” riding laws, and today you have no choice, if it has 2 wheels, you MUST wear a helmet.
          what makes you think the gun grabbers will not follow the same pattern??
          we are on to your game, and refuse to play any longer.

          I am willing to die defending my right to keep and bear arms.
          if you are not willing to risk your life to PERSONALLY kick in my door and take my guns by force, you are a coward and need to STFU, I don’t want to hear your blather.

          your move.

          • Jeffery says:

            You are willing to die to defend your imagined “right” to an AR-15 style rifle?

            If Congress passed a law restricting the possession of assault weapons, a president signed it into law, and the Supreme Court declared the restrictions Constitutional… you would kill or be killed by police before giving yours up?

      • Jeffery says:

        Fully automatic weapons are rarely if ever used in crimes because they are so tightly regulated. These restrictions don’t seem to affect the possession of other personal firearms. We bet if mass shooters could get their hands on machine guns, they would, don’t you agree?

        Yet, Con Men think restricting semi-automatic assault-type rifles is unconstitutional. Weird, huh?

        Do you think the restrictions on machine guns for potential mass shooters to be unconstitutional?

        • Jeffery says:

          By the way, the NRA sued to get the 1986 machine gun restrictions overturned, but the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. Maybe they can try again with the latest activist Con court.

        • Josh Luna says:

          Yet, Con Men think restricting semi-automatic assault-type rifles is unconstitutional. Weird, huh?

          Heres one for ya. The Right doesn’t want ta throw all mulims outta da country…only da bad ones.

          The left do not wanna take your guns just assault rifles.

          But da left makes the case that the right really wants all muslims gone.

          The right makes the case that the left wants all guns gone.

          Trump is a dictator.

          Obama is a commie.

          Slippery slopes abound in every discussion when two people disagree.

  2. Jeffery says:

    A decorated Afghanistan veteran in a bulletproof vest AND a history of treatment for PSTD walked into a veterans home and kills 3 female doctors.

    Would you take guns from every veteran with PTSD?

    Clearly our NRA-devised weak security laws are not working. The NRA just sued Florida for their GOP passed gun bill.

    Do we want an America where we surround all our public spaces with razor wire topped walls (Con men can shoot through fences) with soldiers at every entrance? What happens when the next white conservative outguns the surprised guard and enters the facility? The same old scheisse.

    Maybe these are all NRA sponsored “false flag” operations to sell more guns on behalf their masters, the gun industry.

    • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

      Documented mental health issues as well as the psychotropic drugs used to treat it are both disqualifiers for purchasing and owning firearms – it’s right there on the ATF form 4473. California has a redundant law, as well as enforcement mechanism for this which was recently in the news.

      • gitarcarver says:

        And don’t forget that the VA facility is a gun free zone.

        The left hates Americans so much they would rather have innocent people die than to allow people to defend themselves.

  3. Jeffery says:

    And once we have all our day care centers, schools, colleges, nursing homes, hospitals, shopping centers, stores and businesses protected by heavily armed federal guardians, who will oversee these agents to control them, as they control all aspects of our lives?

    Is this why the citizenry needs their “Army guns”, to protect them from the guardians they’ve created?

    • gitarcarver says:

      Interesting position there, Jeffery.

      You hate so much that the obvious solution of allowing people to protect themselves escapes you. You want more innocent blood on your hands.

      Instead of allowing people to defend themselves, their property and their family, you would rather have people paid to do that.

      The blood of the kids in Parkland is on the hands of the left.

      • Jeffery says:

        Perhaps the blood of the children is on the hands of the right-wing Nazi wannabe wearing the tRump MAGA hat.

        Do you really think arming children is schools is the answer?

        • Hoss says:

          I love all the feigned moral outrage from the party of snuffing babies.

          • Jeffery says:


            That is a common retort of Con Men. This killing babies meme.

            If YOU really thought that people were killing babies (or children, as gc claims), we would hope YOU would take your guns and go stop it. We would join you.

            But the fact is, YOU (and gc) really don’t consider abortion to be murder or YOU would do something about it.

            You threaten to kill those who speak ill of your guns but won’t lift a finger to stop what you describe as “snuffing babies”?

            You use “snuffing babies” as a punchline. Just more feigned moral outrage from the party of outrage.

            Some tough guy you are.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Rashiem Darnell Mooring, 25, was booked into the New Hanover County jail Thursday, according to sheriff’s office spokesman Lt. Jerry Brewer. Brewer said Mooring is charged in connection with a Dec. 24 home invasion at 115 Silver Lake Road, Lot 3, in which the homeowner shot and killed one suspect.

    The incident happened at about 2:30 a.m. that morning when a man was awakened by the sound of intruders in his home. According to the sheriff’s office, the homeowner exchanged gunfire with the men, shooting and killing 31-year-old Hakim Hanifah. Brewer said Mooring was one of the other alleged home-invaders, but fled after the gun battle.

    Mooring is charged with attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon, two counts of attempted first-degree murder, first degree burglary and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon, according to jail records. Records indicate he was arrested in Sanford.

    He was booked into the jail on $2 million bail.

    FDLE says two of the suspects, Keosha Lewis, 20, and Selena Murray, 18, are charged with armed burglary. Charges of felony murder and armed burglary are pending against a third suspect, Jeremiah Davis, 21.

    Authorities say on Wednesday morning, four suspects entered a home on Mandina Avenue occupied by a male and female victim. The suspects tied-up the woman and beat the man. Police say Davis was armed with a gun and threatened the victims. The male victim was able to retrieve his firearm and shoot the suspects, killing one and injuring another.

    Lewis and Murray were not injured, fled the home and were arrested a few hours later. A bystander drove suspect Jamescya Pringle, 19, to Madison County Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced deceased on arrival. Davis, who was shot in the leg, was later located and transported to the hospital.

    FDLE says Lewis and Murray were booked into the Madison County Jail. Davis remains hospitalized and is expected to make a full recovery. The male victim is recovering from his injuries, while the female victim was not injured.

    The left hates law abiding citizens that they would rather the victims in these types of situations not have the ability to defend themselves and instead be killed by criminals.

    Why is it that the left supports criminals?

    • Jeffery says:

      The left hates law abiding citizens that they would rather the victims in these types of situations not have the ability to defend themselves and instead be killed by criminals.

      Why is it that the left supports criminals?

      gc continues to tell his lies. How will regulating AR-15 style rifles (Mass Shooting Rifles or MSRs) prevent homeowners from defending themselves? The Supreme Court ruled that tightly regulating machine guns is Constitutional, so now you speculate that tightly regulating assault type rifles is an assault on the Constitution itself. Why exaggerate?

      Do you think Justice Scalia supported criminals and preferred that law-abiding citizens be killed? After all, Scalia supported the restrictions on automatic weapons.

      What kind of weapons did the homeowners use to defend themselves in your examples.

  5. Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

    “You are willing to die to defend your imagined “right” to an AR-15 style rifle?”

    You ready to find out?

    • Jeffery says:

      You are willing to die to be able to “play Army”? You’re not helping your cause.

      • Hoss says:

        Are you willing to die to be the one to come and take them away? The guns aren’t going anywhere, yes, you can stay all indignant until something else comes along, but it’s purely going to be an exercise in forced outrage.

        • Jeffery says:


          You seem to be emotionally invested in your guns. We the People, don’t want to fracture the “special relationship” you have with your guns. What you do in the privacy of your own home is your own business. But, We the People, do have an interest in protecting children and other innocents from the negative externalities associated with the practice of ammosexuality. Things like stricter background checks, improved reporting, magazines holding fewer rounds, age restrictions, banning bump stocks and related that will reduce the likelihood of children being slaughtered in schools. While there are no absolutely safe ammosexual activities, working together, We the People, can help make your activities safer for others.

          Like other ammosexual commenters here, are you ready to start killing politicians who propose laws limiting your behavior, or is it enough to just threaten commenters online? Do you think Gov Scott (R-FL) has placed himself in physical danger by signing the gun law in FL?

        • Jeffery says:

          FEAR. Abject raw fear – may be the strongest of all human emotions. It resides in the most primal recesses of the human animal brain. And fear is the chief motivation for conservatives. They fear death, pain, Blacks, gays, Mexicans, Muslims, in fact, they fear everything. Conservatives exist in a sea of fear.

          Their guns offer them great comfort, assuaging some of their fears, offering them some degree of control over their frightening surroundings.

  6. Jeffery says:

    Get on with it, see how scared we are, friend.

    moron labe…

  7. Jeffery says:

    You will kill Americans to keep your “bump stocks”?

  8. Jeffery says:

    Let’s try a different tack.

    What is your primary fear concerning your AR-15 type rifles?

  9. Jl says:

    “And fear is the chief motivator in the global warming religion..”. Fixed it for you.

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