‘Climate Change’ (scam) Will Soon Wipe Out Strawberries Or Something

Today’s story of maybe possibly we feel future doom which could be solved if we pass a tax

New Study: Eat Your Strawberries Before Climate Change Wipes Them Out
Avocados, almonds, peaches, and many other California crops are also threatened.

With its year-round sunshine and vast tracts of fertile land, California is one of the jewels of US food production, providing a third of the nation’s vegetables and two-thirds of our fruits and nuts. As the climate warms, can we continue to take this $50.5 billion bounty for granted?

That’s the question posed by a team of University of California researchers in an eye-opening new paper published in the journal Agronomy, in which they digest recent research to “document the most current understanding on California’s climate change trends in terms of temperature, precipitation, snowpack, and extreme events such as heat waves, drought, and flooding, and their relative impacts” on the state’s agriculture.

They address these topics one by one, and the results are hardly comforting to US eaters.

For one thing, the scientists found, a temperature change of just a few degrees is “closely related to yield reductions” in some of the most cherished California crops: almonds, wine grapes, strawberries, walnuts, freestone peaches, and cherries. Avocado production could plummet by the middle of the century. Because of fewer winter chill hours, by the end of the century, the paper suggests, only 10 percent of the Central Valley will remain viable to grow fruits like apricots, kiwis, peaches, and nectarines.

Could. Suggests. This is climate science. Looking into a crystal ball and reading tea leaves.

In short, California’s climate has already “changed significantly” since the first half of the 20th century, when the state emerged as a linchpin of our food system. And “this change can be expected to continue in the future.” As I put it in a 2015 New York Times piece, the time has probably come to de-Californify the nation’s produce supply—that is, increase fruit and vegetable production in less water-stressed areas.

It’s always amazing that these self-described lovers of science think that the the climate of the Earth should never ever change, despite billions of years of the climate changing, sometime a little, sometimes a lot.

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14 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ (scam) Will Soon Wipe Out Strawberries Or Something”

  1. Stosh says:

    California is providing two-thirds of our fruits and nuts. And that’s just San Francisco!!!

  2. Dana says:

    Were strawberries to become extinct, the world would be a better place. Yuchhh!

  3. Jeffery says:

    TEACH typed:

    … these self-described lovers of science think the climate of the Earth should never ever change, despite billions of years of the climate changing…

    Human civilization is hardly even 10,000 years old, let alone billions. Since the Earth emerged from the last glacial period (approx 12,000 yrs ago), the Earth’s average surface temperature has been quite stable. This is not debated in the scientific community. Starting about 5000 years ago the Earth started a very gradual cool down, with the average surface temperature dropping about 0.5C-0.6C over the past 5000 years. In the past century or so the Earth has warmed about 1C, with the only reasonable explanation being the addition of CO2 to the atmosphere. The current average surface temperature is likely the highest of the entire Holocene, with no reason to think the warming will stop any time soon.

    Do you have hypotheses to explain the sudden warming we’re now experiencing?

  4. Jl says:

    First, you don’t know it’s sudden, and second, this looks like CO2 isn’t the climate control knob. https://twitter.com/gillesnfio/status/966664905100267521?s=21

    • Jeffery says:

      So now you’re saying it’s not warming?? Based on the disgraced and discredited Tony Wuwt?

  5. Jl says:

    And as shown many times, no reason the think these are the highest temps of the Holocene, as thenMWP was as warm, or warmer. http://pages.science-skeptical.de/MWP/MedievalWarmPeriod.htmx

    • Jeffery says:

      CO2Science is funded by Exxon and Peabody Coal, and is run by noted denier Craig Idso. They are lying to you.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Another nignorant non sequitur with an ad hominem tbrown in from the angry little black fella.

  6. Jl says:

    Yes, Jeffery has a hard time with facts. CO2 science didn’t write the papers that were presented as evidence, the various authors did. When one can’t attack the science in the papers, one goes after “funding” and calls them liars (with no proof of lying, of course). “Funded by Exxon”. As opposed to being funded by, up until Trump, Big Government? Is there some point in there you’re trying to make?

    • drowningpuppies says:

      The angry little black fella nignores facts in order to spout his alarmist talking points.

    • Jeffery says:


      Here are two facts getting increasingly hard to ignore, even by science deniers.

      1. The Earth is warming unlike any other time in the Holocene (bonus fact: that epoch when all of human civilization evolved). (We know, we know, most WUWTers think the Earth is just 6000 years old. Bonus fact 2: They are wrong).

      2. The Earth is warming because of the 40% increase in greenhouse gases, particularly CO2.

  7. Jeffery says:

    And yet, despite the lies and protestations of the Idsos and Wuwts and jl’s of the world, the Earth continues to warm rapidly. If only one could stop a physical process with an internet lie!

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