Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Can Affect Mental Health And Create Total Doom

Hey, look, more gloom and doom from the Cult of Climastrology, which can be solved with a tax! But, certainly, the people who say this won’t actually give up their own fossil fueled travel, like from Boston to Edmonton (interestingly, the article has changed since when I saved it to Pocket this morning

Climate change can affect mental health, expert tells Edmonton conference

Climate change can impact mental health in a variety of ways, an American expert told an international conference Tuesday in Edmonton.

People get stressed when confronted with a problem of the magnitude of climate change, said Patrick Kinney, urban health professor at Boston University. He spoke to Postmedia at the Cities and Climate Change Science Conference at the Shaw Conference Centre.

Really, it’s just a small number of people who are making themselves nuts worrying about things they have no control of and mostly not causing.

The big issue in Canada is wildfires, he said.

“Climate change is making wildfires more prominent,” he said. “They are getting bigger, they are lasting longer.”

And wildfires, besides causing cardiovascular and respiratory effects from air pollution, can force people to leave their homes, as happened in Fort McMurray in 2016.

Wildfires never happened before the invention of the combustion engine, you know.

Northern latitudes have been and will be warming more rapidly than the rest of the globe, said William Solecki, a professor at City University of New York and co-director of the Urban Climate Change Research Network.

In other words, it’s only a small part of the world that is showing warming, they don’t know why, so, hey, what the hell, they’ll just blame Mankind. They just have to keep making it all up in order to perpetuate the fascist and tax raising ways.

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4 Responses to “Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Can Affect Mental Health And Create Total Doom”

  1. Dana says:

    The evidence is plain for all to see, right here on this fine site: climate change has very much impacted Jeffrey’s Jeffery’s mental health, driving him absolutely bonkers!

    • Jeffery says:


      I was bonkers before.

      That said, the Earth IS warming rapidly from the CO2 we’re adding to the atmosphere.

      Since we are creatures of our surroundings, of course climate change impacts our everyday lives. Our local environments are changing.

  2. Dana says:

    I still keep track of the winter weather in the Poconos, since I own property up there. What the Weather Channel has named Winter Storm Quinn was forecast to dump 8 to 12 inches of heavy, wet snow on my property, eventually downgraded to 6 to 12 inches. My sister-in-law was very worried that she wouldn’t be able to get home from work yesterday evening, especially with her cocker spaniel, Duke, locked up in her apartment.

    It turned out that the area got just barely 4 inches of snow, and she made it home just fine.

    It seems that all of these highly-educated scientists, the ones who are telling us what the climate will be like a hundred years from now, couldn’t get right something that was already happening! Allowing themselves what was in effect a plus or minus 50% error range, they still got it wrong.

    Jeffrey Jeffery and his fellow travelers would have us spend gobs of money, making Americans poorer as a result, to take actions which they say might already be too late to prevent something which may or may not happen in fifty or a hundred years from now. We’ve passed tipping point after tipping point, with apparently more tipping points in the near-but-not-quite-here future, but they keep telling us that the science is settled.

    ‘Twasn’t so long ago that the settled science told us that the earth was flat.

  3. Jeffery says:


    How much is global warming already costing us? Ask the folks along the East Coast. Or in Florida, or Houston…

    We don’t understand what drives the deep-seated disdain for science and evidence seen in the American right. It’s too easy on our part to attribute it to religion, where “beliefs” and “feelings” and “emotion” are paramount. It may be your proto-libertarian ideology where any social cooperation is suspect.

    We predicted many years ago that the American right (the ignorati) would first 1) Deny it was warming, then next would 2) Deny the link between CO2 and warming, then finally would 3) Claim it was too late to do anything meaningful. Congratulations, you’re at Stage 3 Denialism.

    It’s a fact that the Earth is warming from the dumping of CO2 into the atmosphere. The question is what, if anything to do about it. Your vote is to do nothing, and the minority political movement you support is in charge. Let’s hope you and tRump are smarter than thousands of scientists.

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