Say, Will The Repeal Of #NetNeutrality Cause Internet To Grind To A Halt

The Washington Post Fact Checker actually fact checks stupidity from Democrats

Will the FCC’s net neutrality repeal grind the Internet to a halt?

“If we don’t save net neutrality, you’ll get the Internet one word at a time.”
— U.S. Senate Democrats, in a tweet, Feb. 27, 2018

This clever tweet caught our eye because each word is separated by paragraph breaks, giving readers a bitter taste of what it’s like to scroll through the Internet one word at a time.

It also set off our antennae because of the sweeping claim Democrats are making — that consumers will see a sharp drop in Internet speeds if the Federal Communications Commission proceeds with its plan to unwind net neutrality rules imposed under President Barack Obama in 2015.

This is the stupid tweet in full

The tweet from Senate Democrats is clearly meant to be exaggerated. For words to load one at a time, the Internet would have to slow down to a glacial crawl that would render it pointless. But the basic assertion in the tweet — that consumers will see a sharp drop in Internet speeds — is worth fact-checking.

No, really, it isn’t, unless your fact check is “you people are f***ing stupid, and just trying to scaremonger.” And, seriously, the article is really long, ending in

For now, though, there’s scant evidence that Internet users should brace for a slowdown. Yet the Democrats’ tweet conveys the false impression that a slowdown is imminent unless net neutrality rules are restored. This transmission error merits Three Pinocchios, but we will monitor the situation and update our ruling depending on whether the fears were overstated or came true.

Let’s remember, the Net Neutrality order never went into full effect to start with. Nothing bad will happen, the Internet will continue on just fine, and the ‘net did awesome before the 2015 order by unelected bureaucrats.

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One Response to “Say, Will The Repeal Of #NetNeutrality Cause Internet To Grind To A Halt”

  1. Josh Luna says:

    Ther is no net neutrality. You get on air and youtube videos play flawlessly while a movie from Vudu(owned by Walmart) stutters, stops and starts. Why is that?

    Cause its google slipping pesos under the table to get their content seamlessly on the internet. This started happening when Net neutrality was ordered up by Obama back when. All the big ones. Netflix, hulu, youtube all started sliding money under the table to providers.

    They get a free pass. No pay, no play.

    In a world run by giant business there is no such thing as net neutrality. In fact with the elimination of this idea its now possible that the internet actually becomes even more competitive. Are your democrats so stupid as to think net neutrality existed by the simple signature on a piece of paper?

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