GOP Looks To Put Smackdown On Vulnerable Dems Over Tax Reform

Despite all the bleating from Democrats and their compliant comrades in the media, the GOP tax reform is going to let people keep more of their own money, and help the economy. And it looks like the GOP will use this

(The Hill) The Republican National Committee (RNC) is gearing up to launch a multimillion-dollar effort at the start of 2018 aimed at vulnerable Democrats who voted against the GOP’s tax bill.

In January, the RNC will institute the second phase of its data-focused field program to reach voters about details of the tax overhaul. There will also be a major digital ad component targeting Democrats on the ballot over opposition to the bill. (Snip)

The RNC will focus on the 10 Democratic senators up for reelection in states that Trump carried in 2016. Republicans have a slim 51-seat majority in the Senate and will be looking to unseat those red-state Democrats since the party is largely on offense next year.

“We’re going to remind every voter that Republicans gave the American people a historic pay raise while Democrats stood in the way,” RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said in a statement provided to The Hill.

It may be polling poorly now, but, by the time the mid-terms roll around and people see the positives, things could go poorly for Democrats. Most people do not care if someone else got to keep more of their own money: they care how something like the tax bill will effect themselves. More money in their own pocket will be a big motivator to vote against people who refused to vote for that pocket money increase.

They tried the class warfare thing, and it didn’t work in getting Hillary elected. It hasn’t helped with Congress during Obama’s years.

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12 Responses to “GOP Looks To Put Smackdown On Vulnerable Dems Over Tax Reform”

  1. From reading comments around the internets, it is obvious that no amount of evidence will be sufficient to cause democrats to change their minds about voting democrat. Just look at those videos about how democrats LOVE Trump plans, when they think they are Hillary or Bernie or Democrat party plans. The comments in most news sites, those that allow comments, have near universal criticisms of Trump and his policies based on false information that is provably false. Look at how many people still see Climate change as a threat to national security. The fact is, most people are idiots and incapable of independent thought. They just vote for “my team”. And before Jeffrey pipes in, I admit that there is a lot of that on the Republican side too.

    • Fargo says:

      I posted yesterday that Obama cut taxes by 1.2 trillion dollars and cut medicare by 780 billion dollars and he was perfectly justified. He ran 8 trillion in deficits in 8 years and that was just okay.

      The minute trump dawns the hat, Deficits matter, and cutting taxes by 1.5 trillion and cutting medicare WILL KILL OLD PEOPLE.

      What I find funny is how the GOP managed to convince the people that Obama actually raised taxes. That is a hoot. He really cut taxes even though. We must realize that in effect he raised costs by doing the Obamacare thing which did in fact raise taxes on most people but for the most part his actions were so confusing that no one was sure what he did.

      Now we find out he was funding the Iranians against Americans. This is treason in my books. Yet one thing that has always allowed for a smooth transition of power in the USA is that one party does not TRY the last party because in turn they will be TRIED.

      In short. What goes around comes around and the Dems are starting to see the errors of their ways with this collusion crap with all the crap that’s fixing to land in their laps including the possibility of pardons by Trump to Obama, HRC and Bill Clinton. Two presidents and a secretary of state all because the Michael Moores and Rosie Odonnells of this world could not accept that Trump really won this election.

  2. It is not possible for an American President to commit treason. He is empowered under the Constitution to do certain enumerated things like commander in chief of the Armed forces, chief of foreign policy and chief of the executive branch. Under those powers, he could transfer the entire nuclear arsenal to Iraq or China, under his lawful authority. That’s why it is important to not elect people who promise to fundamentally transform America and then give them the power to do so. So, the term treason has no legitimate meaning in that context

    It also serves to make you wonder what sort of person would be terrified by rolling back the government clock by only ten years.

    • Fargo says:

      The U.S. Constitution states “treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors” are grounds for impeachment

      It is not impossible for the president to commit treason and its written into the constitution that TREASON is specifically a reason for Impeachment.

      Richard Nixon uttered the words:phrase “When the president does it, that means it is not illegal”

      We saw how that played out. Additionally why was he given a pardon if he cant do anything illegal?

      • There are lots of illegal things a president can do and be impeached for. Things like murder, robbery, arson, etc. But there is nothing a president can do that would qualify under the statute of “Treason”, since anything that would be treason for us, is literally part of his lawful authority. He can as part of his lawful authority share military secrets with the enemy during time of war. He can as part of his lawful authority position the us military in places that put them at a distinct disadvantage. He can weaken America in countess ways, ALL legally. It is part of the authority of the President. The word treason has a rea definition and it is defined in law. There is literally no act the president can do that violates that law. It is why you should elect men you can trust to not betray you and not men who promise that they will.

  3. Fargo says:

    He can as part of his lawful authority share military secrets with the enemy during time of war.

    No he can’t that would get him impeached so fast it would not be funny. Impeachment is for high crimes. Once a person is impeached they are then removed from office. Once removed then they are subject to the criminal court system.

    This is why Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon. Your making the argument that Nixon made. That if your the president you can do any damn thing you want. That simply is not true. Impeachment is a political exercise but then once impeached it becomes a legal exercise.

  4. Pay attention.

    You cannot do anything.

    Things that are crimes… according to a defined statute… are still illegal.

    Example: You can drive your car. It belongs to you. You have rights you can exercise WRT that car. Someone down the street doing the same thing is guilty of theft if he does the same thing.

    The lawful acts of the President are broad and with regard to national security, are almost limitless. Not the unlawful acts, just the lawful ones. The President can at a whim, release classified information to anyone he sees fit. It is part of his lawful authority. He can do that just like Jimmy Carter did, as presidential envoy, to Haiti. He told Louis Cedra that “the 82nd is in the air and on their way here”. Clearly a military secret. Released for the purpose of performing a diplomatic mission. Totally within the lawful authority of being president.

    This is really not that difficult of a concept. You still don’t get it and I regret I am not persuasive enough. So let’s make a deal. You can believe what you want and I will believe what I want. If a US president ever gets charged with treason and convicted, I will hunt you down and admit you were right. Until then, we will move onto other issues.

    Merry Christmas to you.

    • Fargo says:

      LOLOL. Awesome. Get in the last word, basically tell me I’m stupid and then tell us to move on to another subject.

      Some people really don’t have a clue how to compromise in order TOO move on. That is the trouble with the internet.

      Lets just agree Your(In this case ME)STUPID and we will move on to debate something else where I will then repeat that your(MY)position is the only one that holds water and once again you(ME)are stupid so lets move on to the next subject.

      This is why the internet is destined to destroy civilization. It could end today and I would have no problems with that. Then perhaps everyone would have to be responsible for the stupid stuff they shout at other people.

  5. I did not say you were stupid, only wrong. And I blamed myself for being unconvincing.

    • Fargo says:

      no your wrong. you are suggesting that the president of the USA cannot commit treason. You are following the logic that Nixon followed right up until he resigned and was pardoned by Jerry Ford.

      Now what exactly did Nixon do that was going to get him impeached. He ordered illegal acts.

      His sole job is to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America. His job is to uphold the rule of law. By your explanations you believe the president can break laws willy nilly and get away with it because he is an Imperial president.

      Precisely the thinking that forced Nixon to be the first president to resign from office and given a pardon. Exactly the same reasoning he used. If a president does it, it cant be against the law.

      I don’t know what part of that YOU don’t understand.

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