Kimmel And CNN Compete For Best Crazy On Net Neutrality

There is a ton of crazy out there regarding the ending of the 2 year old net neutrality rules. Twitter is a seething cesspool. Then we have CNN

The actual article is not as bad as the front page splash, with the headline “Trump’s FCC votes to repeal net neutrality”.

And then there’s Jimmy Kimmel, the self professed Not Moral Conscious Of America, being the (mistaken) moral conscious

(Daily Beast) “The Federal Communications Commission did something absolutely despicable today: They voted to put an end to net neutrality,” announced Jimmy Kimmel.

The late-night host dedicated a portion of his Jimmy Kimmel Live!monologue Thursday night to the net neutrality vote, which ruled 3-2 (three Republicans for, two Democrats very much against) in favor of dismantling the regulations.

“Now, as long as they tell us they’re doing it now, internet service providers will be allowed to slow down or block web traffic to any website or streaming service they like—which benefits the big telecom companies, and does the opposite for all of us,” argued Kimmel.

He continued: “They did this even though 83 percent of Americans support net neutrality, and 2 million of the people who supposedly wrote to the FCC to opposite net neutrality were bogus. Many turned out to be dead people; someone stole the identities of dead people to help push this through.”

Despicable! Or something. This was on the same ABC that refused to air a Trump commercial. Kimmel picks his guests, allowing some that “fast lane” while blowing others off.

In six months, this whole thing will have been mostly forgotten, as nothing changes. If a provider attempts something shading, that’s what the Federal Trade Commission is for, rather than one side fits all rules from unelected and unaccoutable bureaucrats.

But, don’t make the mistake of thinking hardcore Progressives (nice Fascists)/Marxists/Statists will give up, because the entire idea here is to empower the federal government to control the Internet.

How is the Internet open when government controls it?

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14 Responses to “Kimmel And CNN Compete For Best Crazy On Net Neutrality”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The GOPs next move is to eliminate Highway Neutrality, charging citizens extra for the privilege of driving in the “fast” lane. They will also deny the privilege to autos they don’t favor. If Ford donates more, Ford cars get to drive in the fast lane.

    After that they want to eliminate Water Neutrality, charging citizens extra for the privilege. Want to fill your bathtub while Johnny flushes? Pay the piper for that kind of water speed. Wash the clothes and your face at the same time? Not so fast deadbeat.

  2. Jeffery says:

    But the answer is pretty simple for all these problems created by the NuCons. Vote.

    Just like in VA. Just like in AL. The good people of America who are tired of tRump and the Deplorables (GOP House and Senate) can change things. Don’t bitch. Vote.

    Don’t like the authoritarians consolidating their power and taking your freedoms. Vote.

    The best way to Resist? Vote.

    70% of Americans oppose tRump. Vote. 93% of Americans favor stricter background checks for buying guns. Vote. 71% of Americans oppose the Millionaire Relief Act. Vote.

    The only ways a minority can control a majority is by force (including voter suppression and gerrymandering) or subservient acquiescence. So Vote.

    • Fargo says:

      I agree. Vote. Be sure to rally all those poor people that are peeing their pants cause their internet might somehow be affects. Be sure to get all those poor hillbillies in to vote so that their 1000 dollar Apple Phones don’t suffer from service failures.

      Be sure to get all those people in Chicago who are asking for the UN PEACEKEEPING FORCE to come in and protect them on the streets because the mayor of Chicago wont accept help from Donald Fricken Trump and the government.

      Be sure to vote all you poor people who rely on the democrats for your 0.00 percent cost of living raise that we endured for 7 years under Obama.

      Be sure to vote for democrats who are more concerned about ROE V WADE then they are jobs and food on your table.

      Be sure to vote for those democrats who want millions upon millions of job seekers to flood this country and vote for Democrats who don’t care at all about you. They want power so they can make sure that their obsession with sex is maintained. That Hollywood can keep on keeping on and that They can raise your taxes because raising taxes on the rich fixes everything.

      I agree vote.

      But I would suggest one thing first. Learn the issues and make informed choices. Once you do I am confident that you will vote with your mind and not how someone tells you to vote.

  3. Stosh says:

    I’d post what I think of the repeal but without “Net Neutrality”, written by Google I’m not sure it’s allowed anymore….

  4. Dana says:

    I was going to read and comment on this article, but due to the death of net neutrality, I could not.

  5. gitarcarver says:

    The GOPs next move is to eliminate Highway Neutrality, charging citizens extra for the privilege of driving in the “fast” lane.

    Except, of course, many states do just that now. They do charge more for being allowed in so called “express lanes.”

    And of course, there is the idea that trucks, which are akin to heavy users on the internet, pay more in taxes and road fees and in many states, have speed restrictions less than those vehicles of a lower GVW..

    After that they want to eliminate Water Neutrality, charging citizens extra for the privilege.

    Once again, people are charged more in certain areas for high water usage.

    Congratulations. Using your own examples, you just made the case for repealing the heinous “Net Neutrality” rules which harmed consumers, companies and startups.

  6. Jl says:

    I saw a good one.”net neutrality doesn’t mean neutral just like Affordable Care Act doesn’t mean affordable.”

  7. Fargo says:

    In 2014 Obama fixed the internet.

    Remind me again what was broken? Remind me again why my speeds have stagnated and now since this announcement suddenly the cable provider just announced that they have new speeds at the flip of a switch that are 100 mb for 9 dollars more a month.

    Now do I really need 100 mb when I have 60? No. But at least now its an option because guess what they can offer it and be paid where with Obama’s order they have to offer it to everyone or not at all. Stupid. So if your a cable company you have to wire 50 million customers before you can charge for a service that has been available for 20 million people for 2 years as they continue running new infrastructure throughout the country so they can eventually charge for what is already available to millions but cant be used because of this stupid FCC rule.

    I’m pretty sure Google is paying for all the backlash as now people might start complaining that their massive YOUTUBE service might actually suffer from bandwidth issues.

  8. I seem to recall another program that the public was 75% against, but Congress passed it anyway, using the votes of people who had already been voted out of office. It was Obamacare.

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