About That General Flynn Thing…

According to ABC News’ Brian Ross, doom was coming down on Trump. Um, but

As Allahpundit notes

So “candidate” Trump asked his top natsec guy to rethink U.S. foreign policy towards Russia, and president-elect Trump reached out to make it happen. This is ABC’s big scoop.

Keep trying, guys, keep trying. After over a year of this Russia Russia Russia schtick, there’s still nothing.


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One Response to “About That General Flynn Thing…”

  1. Fargo says:

    According to everything I have heard, the fact that after trump was elected it was no crime at all for Flynn to reach out to any foreign government. He was arrested for lying to the FBI.

    Why is Hillary Clinton NOT arrested for lying to the FBI. She lied about multiple things yet she runs around free trashing trump and the GOP and her own party.

    Its been reported numerous times that every government in the world is investigating Trump. The DNC, the FBI, The CIA…no one can find anything on him and yet the witch hunt continues.

    After this is all over they need to launch an investigation into comey, mueller, the FBI and the CIA.

    Obama even made the comment that he has left behind cells in key positions that will fight Trump every step of the way. Hence the dozens and dozens of leaks.

    This is dispicable. Can you imagine whats going to happen the next time a Democrat gets into the oval office.

    This country no longer has faith in its own government. That is the prescription for anarchy and civil war. Antifa’s goals for sure brought to you by the communist Democratic party.

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