Washington Post: Trump Shouldn’t Make A Mess Of Iraq And Syria Like Obama Did

This is a very interesting notion from the Washington Post Editorial Board, in that they are finally letting its readership know that Obama made a real mess of Syria and Iraq. Now that he’s out of office, of course. But, there is certainly an ulterior motive, in that they want to establish a way to Bash Trump on Iraq and Syria, creating a situation where they can forget about the “inherited problem” meme they allowed Obama to get away with for his first four years in office, and even pushing it themselves.

Trump shouldn’t repeat Obama’s mistake in Iraq and Syria

THE FINAL capture of the Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa thisweek by U.S.-backed Syrian forces brings the would-be caliphate to the brink of extinction: It has lost 87 percent of the territory it once controlled in Iraq and Syria and probably will soon be driven from the rest. But the terrorists’ defeat raises complex challenges for the United States in Iraq and Syria, where Iran and Russia are entrenching their forces and consolidating influence at the expense of U.S. allies. If there is a countering American strategy, it isn’t evident.

The next four paragraphs spend time highlighting the continuing intrusion of Russia backed Iran and Russia in Iraq and Syria, while also mentioning that Trump doesn’t like the Iran nuclear deal. Several times. They rather forget that said deal sent over a billion dollars to Iran, and has increased Iran’s treasury through the lifting of sanction, particularly by the European nations. Which they can put into anti-US and anti-Israel activities, along with expanding their actions in Syria and Iraq.

The Post ends thusly

Mr. Trump may believe he can extract the United States from Iraq and Syria without harming strategic interests. If so, he is repeating the mistake of President Barack Obama. A failure by the United States to defend its allies or promote new political arrangements for the two Arab states will lead only to more war, the rise of new terrorist threats and, ultimately, the necessity of more U.S. intervention.

There’s several levels to this. First, it explicitly acknowledges that Obama’s policies were disasters. Syria was already in the Russian/Iranian sphere of influence and support, but O’s “leading from behind”, his dithering, his stupid red lines, and so forth emboldened Iran and Russia. Not too mention his incompetence when it came to Libya and Crime (and let’s not forget that the WPEB forgets to say that Trump shouldn’t make O’s mistakes like with those two nations).

Second, part of Obama’s mistake was not using force when force was required. When we read things like “a failure by the United States to defend its allies”, that sure as hell looks like it is expression a belief that Trump should use force now to avoid more war later.

Will the Post defend Trump if he uses American force in the region? Obviously, that’s a silly question, in that they would then blast Trump for something like “neo-con intervention” or whatever talking point emerges. Realistically, Trump doesn’t have a lot of space to maneuver, due to the poor situation Obama left behind.

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20 Responses to “Washington Post: Trump Shouldn’t Make A Mess Of Iraq And Syria Like Obama Did”

  1. bob sykes says:

    What allies do we have in Iraq and Syria? Isn’t imposing new political arrangements the very definition of colonialism?

    Our interventions in Iraq and Syria opened the door for the Iranians and Russians. Their influence in, if not outright control of, those countries is permanent. We got lucky when the Egyptian military took their country back from the Muslim Brotherhood (our puppets). Egypt will not be a sanctuary for terrorists, like Libya, another Obama failure.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides.” “There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression…” “The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing.”

    Obama continued: “The National Anthem should be ‘swapped’ for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing’. If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as ‘redesign’ our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails – – – perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments ……

    When I Become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past”.

    “Of course now, I have found myself about to become The President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside . I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation and offer the people a new path. My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country’s First black Family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America.”

    –From Sunday’s 07 Sept. 2008 11:48:04 EST, Televised “Meet the Press” THE THEN Senator Barack Obama.

    Yep, you read it right.

    • Jeffery says:

      Fake news.

      No wonder you and your ilk are so angry. You believe anything the liars type.


      • drowningpuppies says:

        Yep, and those Russkies colluded with Trump to steal the election.
        See how that works, little dumbass?

        • Jeffery says:

          So you intentionally spread falsehoods?

        • Jeffery says:

          And you justify your bad act by pointing at someone else’s perceived bad act? Where would it ever stop?

          Why not counter what you perceive as a falsehood with the truth rather than more falsehoods?

          • Bob spelled backwards says:

            “Why not counter what you perceive as a falsehood with the truth rather than more falsehoods?”

            Coming from you, that’s absolutely precious.

    • Zachriel says:

      drowningpuppies: Yep, you read it right.

      Couple of points. 1) Even when it was pointed out that the information was fake news, you refused to retract your comment. That turns an unwitting mistruth into a lie. 2) Notice that the mistruth was discovered within minutes. That’s because it did not have the ring of truth, so it was simply a matter of looking for the actual facts of the matter.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        It’s called “baiting”, dipzhitz.
        And y’all, just like the little dumbass, bit.
        Point being y’all swore up and down Trump colluded with the Russkies to steal the election based on absolutely no evidence. None.
        But y’all bit on that one too.

        Once again, who’s the dumbass?

        • Zachriel says:

          drowningpuppies: Point being y’all swore up and down Trump colluded with the Russkies to steal the election

          We made no such claim. And you propagate fake news without regard for your readers.

          drowningpuppies: It’s called “baiting”, dipzhitz.

          So you are an admitted troll.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            We made no such claim.

            So you’ve short memories, dipzhitz.

            So you are an admitted troll.

            Y’all should know, dumbazzez.

  3. Jeffery says:

    By all means, point out when we link to fake stories, as you just did. That way we can all deal in honest discussions.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      You have never been honest, little jeffvckery.
      Please retract and apologize for your dishonest claim of “volunteering” to join the Army in 1971, “you know during Vietnam”.
      Then maybe we’ll talk.
      Until then, speak to me of honesty, little dumbass.

  4. Jeffery says:

    By all means point out any false claims I make.

  5. Jeffery says:

    And we will continue to correct your falsehoods.

  6. Jeffery says:

    We do not expect you to ever admit to your lies, and won’t expect a retraction and apology. Any more than we’d expect same from your Messiah, tRump.

  7. Joseph Kidd says:

    Reminder: We’re (still) fighting an enemy that Obama enabled, in a war he claimed he “ended”

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