SCOTUS Discusses Illegal Alien Bonds

There really is an easy answer to this

(Reuters)  A divided U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday struggled for the second time over how to resolve whether immigrants detained by the U.S. government for more than six months should be able to seek their release while deportation proceedings unfold.

A majority of the justices appeared sympathetic to the idea that immigrants held long-term should be eligible for a bond hearing that would let them argue for their release.

Some of the court’s conservatives seemed skeptical over whether such a hearing should be triggered automatically after six months, as a lower court had ruled. But conservative Justice Anthony Kennedy expressed concern about detainees being held for lengthy periods without any hearings as a result of government delays, suggesting he could side with the four liberals.

Let’s be honest, they have a point. But, so do other Conservatives. Not that Kennedy is much of a Conservative. More of a Lindsay Graham/John McCain type

Conservative Justice Samuel Alito was among those who questioned why there should be a hearing triggered after six months. “Where does it say six months in the Constitution?” Alito asked.

Chief Justice John Roberts said a “more palatable option” would be to restrict claims to individual detainees who have been held for a long time rather than having a blanket rule requiring hearings for all.

Obviously, the Liberals on the court very much want the illegals to be released on bond, at which point they will disappear into America yet again.

The liberal justices were more openly sympathetic to the plight of immigrant detainees. Justice Stephen Breyer noted that even “triple ax-murderers” get bail hearings. Justice Sonia Sotomayor said that allowing people to be detained indefinitely was a sign of “lawlessness.”

Of course, the triple ax murderers typically get denied bail, as do those who are flight risks. Like…… illegal aliens!

The simple solution? Make sure there are enough judges to adjudicate deportation hearings, so illegals, regardless of whether they crossed the border or overstayed their visas, are sent packing within a month of being caught.

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One Response to “SCOTUS Discusses Illegal Alien Bonds”

  1. Stosh says:

    Simple solution, return them all to their country of origin after a week with a supervised entry permit to attend any future court appearance. No need to provide 3 hots and a cot for 6 months before deporting them.

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