Study: Sea Rise In Miami Area Has Nothing To Do With ‘Climate Change’

Let’s look at this in two parts. First, the Spectator’s Ross Clark learned a valuable lesson, namely, you dare not ask Al Gore to offer proof. In regards to the claims of AGW causing flooding in the Miami area in Gore’s movies, Clark reached out to Shimon Wdowinski, associate professor of marine geology and geophysics at the Florida International University, the exact type of scientist one would want to talk to. Wdowinski suggested that the relationship between melting glaciers, climatic changes, and sea rise is more complex than Gore’s film makes out. Clark was given 8 minutes to interview Gore, and

When I put all this to Al Gore and ask him whether his film would be stronger if it acknowledged the complexities of sea level rise — why it is rising in some places and not in others — I am expecting him to bat it away, saying that it doesn’t counter his central point and that there is a limit to what you can put into a film pitched at a mass audience, but his reaction surprises me. As soon as I mention Professor Wdowinski’s name, he counters: ‘Never heard of him — is he a denier?’ Then, as I continue to make the point, he starts to answer before directing it at me: ‘Are you a denier?’ When I say I am sure that climate change is a problem, but how big a one I don’t know, he jumps in: ‘You are a denier.’

That is a strange interpretation of the word ‘deny’, I try to say. But his PR team moves in and declares ‘Time’s up’, and I am left feeling like the guy in Monty Python who paid for a five-minute argument and was allowed only 30 seconds. On the way out, a frosty PR woman says to me: ‘Can I have a word with you?’ I wasn’t supposed to ask difficult questions, she says, because ‘this is a film junket, to promote the film’.

This is what people who cannot defend their beliefs do: deflect. Gore refuses to debate his beliefs, because he knows he would lose. Then there’s this

Florida’s Sea Level Rose 6x Faster Than Average And It’s Not Due To Climate Change

If you’re living along the coast of Florida you experienced sea level rising six times faster than the global average and this was NOT a result of climate change. The rapid sea level rise along the US east coast from Cape Hatteras to Miami is the result of a localized sea level rise hot spot.

A new study, published in Geophysical Research Letters and undertaken by the University of Florida analyzed tidal and climate data for the southeastern seaboard of the United States. They found that between the years 2011 and 2015 sea level rose more than six times faster in the southeast United States as compared to global average sea level rise.

What is the cause of accelerated yet localized sea level rise? The answer is not climate change, but naturally-occurring climate variations superimposed on the background steady sea level rise due to a warming planet. While you may have heard of the gradual rise in sea levels globally over the past century, there appear to be rapid climate processes that affect localized sea levels on the year(s) time scale.

But, then, I’m sure Warmists, with their narrow cult-like dogma, will figure out a way to link it to/blame Mankind. Or just ignore it. Or deflect.

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8 Responses to “Study: Sea Rise In Miami Area Has Nothing To Do With ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Here’s some of what one of the scientists had to say:

    The study’s findings suggest that future sea level rise resulting from global warming will also have these hot spot periods superimposed on top of steadily rising seas, said study co-author Andrea Dutton, assistant professor in UF’s department of geological sciences in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

    “The important point here is that smooth projections of sea level rise do not capture this variability, so adverse effects of sea level rise may occur before they are predicted to happen,” Dutton said. “The entire U.S. Atlantic coastline is vulnerable to these hot spots that may amplify the severity of coastal flooding.”

    These “hotspots” of rapid sea level rise are superimposed on the steady increase caused by global warming.

    • Bob spelled backwards says:

      Meh, all you crypto-Marxist Luddites are welcome to live in mud huts and freeze to death in the winter, the rest of us are free to use the reasoning that God gave us and not dispose of thousands of years of civilization.

  2. Jeffery says:


    You crypto-Nazi Luddites hope your imaginary God saves you. Ironically, if you, your children and grandchildren are to be saved, it will be by the scientists you ridicule.

    • Bob spelled backwards says:

      Do tell. Since your side is convinced “feelings” and not genetics determine gender, I’ll politely disagree.

      • Jeffery says:


        Nice change of subject. We assume that’s an admission that you lost the previous argument. We’re never surprised by the spewings from the anti-science right.

        In any event, actual scientists, not right-wing blot commenters, understand that gender is not determined by genetics alone, any more than a blueprint is a city.

        • Bob spelled backwards says:

          You read as well as you reason.

          • david7134 says:

            It is no use in having a discourse with old Jeff. You see, Jeff is a nut job, but mostly a fool. There is nothing that you can say that would be meaningful to him and his knowledge base is very poor and logic does not exist. He touts that he cured cancer, but gives me the impression of one who organizes parties for doctors to get them to use there drugs. If you win a point, he will immediately start calling you names, usually white supremacist. This is amusing as old Jeff hate more people than any other human I have run into. It is best just to call him a fool and move on. In the statement he made on gender, he is totally wrong. Psychologist still classify people with transgender issues as mentally ill. I looked this up recently just to make sure with all of his definitive statements and it is still there in black and white. Now jeff will scream that there is no longer a classification but that means nothing in the world of psychology as they drop diagnosis for which they don’t get paid to treat.

  3. Jeffery says:


    You have claimed several times that you’re a physician, yet you seem unfamiliar with DSM-5. In addition, research by actual scientists calls in to question your simplistic interpretation. Real doctors are aware of this.

    And you’re an admitted white supremacist. Have you changed? You previously claimed that Black Americans were dumber and lazier than white Americans.

    As we explained, we understand why bob changed the subject.

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