We Can Totally Solve Hotcoldwetdry With A Skyhigh Carbon Tax

Isn’t it interesting how personal responsibility is rarely ever mentioned as a solution for ‘climate change’? It’s always things like government restrictions on private citizens and entities, along with taxes and fees

Sky-high carbon tax needed to avoid climate catastrophe, say experts

A group of leading economists warned on Monday that the world risks catastrophic global warming in just 13 years unless countries ramp up taxes on carbon emissions to as much as $100 (£77) per metric tonne.

Experts including Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz and former World Bank chief economist Nicholas Stern said governments needed to move quickly to tackle polluting industries with a tax on carbon dioxide at $40-$80 per tonne by 2020.

A tax of $100 a tonne would be needed by 2030 as one of a series of measures to prevent a rise in global temperatures of 2C. (snip)

The call for action will sting European leaders, who have presided over a carbon trading scheme since 2005 that currently charges major polluters just €6 (£5.20) for every tonne of carbon they release into the atmosphere.

That’s because the carbon trading schemes are only worth that amount. Carbon markets have pretty much collapsed. But, hey, economists who are loving all that sweet, sweet government funding think it would be a great idea to create an artificial market which would end up hurting the poor and middle classes in order to stop climate doom that only exists within ginned-up computer models.

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4 Responses to “We Can Totally Solve Hotcoldwetdry With A Skyhigh Carbon Tax”

  1. MrToad21 says:

    One question before we start. Who will be exempt.

    I don’t want to hear why. I just want to know who will be exempt.

    If the answer is anything except no one is exempt, then the plan is flawed.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    China and India must be laughing uncontrollably over this folly.

  3. Jeffery says:

    You believe the Guardian? We thought Greg Giantfart had finally put a stake through the heart of the Guardian by assaulting their reporter Ben Jacobs. Since you supported Giantfart’s attacking the reporter, why would you subject us to more of their obviously flawed writings?

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