Illegal Aliens At Columbia U Release List Of Demands

This is something I’ve mentioned time and time again, namely, the notion that people who are unlawfully present in the United States do not help their case when they make demands. One would think they’d understand that it would help their case if they were humble, contrite, and make the case that they just want to be a part of America, and “can’t we find it in our hearts to give them a chance?” Instead, demands. (via Twitchy)

(Campus Reform) Illegal immigrants at Columbia University are demanding free health coverage along with mandatory “sensitivity training” for professors and staff.

“We refuse to amend or change any of these demands,” the group UndoCU began their 13-point list. “We expect the university to act,” they said, lamenting Columbia’s “lack of intrinsic interest in its [illegal] students.

One of the more audacious demands calls for “full reimbursement of the health insurance fees,” complaining that the university’s International Students and Scholars Office only refunds “portions of these fees.” (snip)

UndoCU also demands “specialized fundraising for undocumented students,” in order to create “undocumented student[-]specific scholarships and grants” for illegal immigrant students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Upset at the use of the term “illegal,” the group also demands “sensitivity training” for professors and staff at Columbia, as well as an ombudsman “who understands the psychological, financial, administrative, and all other dimensions” of the illegal immigrant experience. (snip)

The students also want Columbia to provide them with guaranteed summer housing, which they imply should be at least partially subsidized, along with hiring “counselors trained in trauma” and career advisors trained to help illegal immigrant students.

Columbia University, like so many leftist organizations, patronizes illegal aliens, essentially letting the inmates run the asylum, and is getting the results they have enabled. The illegals want money, housing, free healthcare. They want the school to redesignate them as “domestics”, rather than international students (the law requires the latter) in order to avoid ICE, and even want the school to repay the $70 fee. They’re complaining that they cannot afford the cost of Columbia. Yet, they chose to attend.

They’re demanding that the university attend to them and take care of them. It is the ultimate intersection of Special Snowflake Syndrome and illegal immigration.

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6 Responses to “Illegal Aliens At Columbia U Release List Of Demands”

  1. Jeffery says:

    LOL. Nice try, TEACH. You’ve made it clear that unlawful residents need to be deported, period. Contrite, humble, activist alike.

    You would PREFER that Mexicans “know their place”.

    • indyjonesouthere says:

      Their place is on the other side of the border unless they have a valid vista. Enroll a few young ICE agents into the University classes to locate their hangouts and then have a team load them up and move them OUT.

  2. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    The administration should tell them OK and call a meeting of all the ‘undocumented’ students on campus. Get them in the room, lock the door and then introduce them to their friendly, local ICE agents. Problem solved.

  3. Jl says:

    “Illegal immigrants demand free health care….”. Ok, I demand illegal immigrants be sent back home immediately. There

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  5. Dana says:

    If they have signed their names to this, then they have just provided documentation to ICE! Round them up and send them South of the Border!

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