BBC Leftist: Brits Are Going To Have To Get Use To Islamic Terror Attacks

Hey, remember when they said that Brits had to get used to attacks from the I.R.A?

(Daily Caller)  According to BBC Anchor Katty Kay, Europeans have to get used to terror attacks like the Manchester bombing.

Kay told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday that Europeans have no choice but to get used to terrorists murdering their families because “we are never going to be able to totally wipe this out.”

“Europe is getting used to attacks like this, Mika. They have to, because we are never going to be able to totally wipe this out,” Kay said.

“As ISIS gets squeezed in Syria and Iraq, we’re going to see more of these kinds of attacks taking place in Europe and Europe is starting to get used to that.”

Look, you may never be able to stamp out radical Islam and the Islamists who practice it and practice it, but you can certainly reduce the danger and chance of attacks by stop letting the Islamists in to the U.K, and stamping out the Islamists who are already in the U.K.

Stop coddling this regressive, violent, gay and women hating, murderous, etc religious ideology. We don’t have to tolerate it. Sure, more are killed by drunk drivers. Do we tolerate that, or put our foot down? As one commenter noted

If only Churchill had had her wisdom, a great many German lives would have been spared. All of England would have been overrun, but that’s her point isn’t it? Peace is always one quick surrender away.

Meanwhile, the Daily Caller notes the difference between Obama commenting on the Pulse Nightclub terrorist attack and Trump on the Manchester attack.

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6 Responses to “BBC Leftist: Brits Are Going To Have To Get Use To Islamic Terror Attacks”

  1. david7134 says:

    This seems to be the prevailing attitude, even among our politicians, the uniparty. So, just as a thought experiment, when is it proper for a group of concerned men to take over the issue and employ certain measures against a religion that our politicians do not have the courage to address?

    • Conservative Beaner says:

      I’d say when it directly affects you or someone you love. This is why these attacks will continue until the politicians are directly affected themselves.

      • Hence, in the Western world, the jihadis do not go after politicians, especially Leftists, nor the news media.

        Of course, if they did, the Leftists and news media would still defend the jihadis.

  2. Heltau says:

    You do NOT “Get Use To Islamic Terror Attacks”, and more than you get used to cancer.
    You get used to cancer and it KILLS you.
    These people that are calling for this are moon insane.
    You cut out cancer from your life, period.

  3. Heltau says:

    I did not do that correctly for the bat. I wanted to say moon insane.

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