Bummer: Vermont Wants To Limit Noise From Wind Turbines

One would think that uber-Warmist Vermont, with all their belief in ‘climate change’ and sustainability and all the other buzz-words surrounding the topic would be going gung-ho, especially when they have been yammering about going 100% renewable in the near future. But, apparently, the cold dead mackerel of reality has smacked them in the face

Vermont Moves To Put Noise Rule On Wind Industry

Vermont regulators filed a rule Tuesday limiting how loud wind turbines can be when they generate power, angering the wind industry and green energy advocates.

The Vermont Public Service Board proposed a 42-decibel sound limit for wind turbines operating during the day, which would drop to 39 decibels at night. The rule would lower the state’s current 45-decibels per hour limit, which is quieter than a normal conversation, and would also require large wind turbine projects to keep a distance of ten times their heights from nearby homes.

Obviously, this has made Big Wind unhappy

“This rule will make most, if not all, large wind projects unworkable in Vermont, taking this critical clean-energy resource off the table,” the Vermont Public Interest Research Group, a lobbying group that supports the wind industry, told the Associated Press.

If the rule is approved, wind energy supporters claim that Vermont won’t meet its goal of getting 90 percent of its electricity from green sources by 2050.

Interestingly, actual environmental groups support the rule, and even want it to be tougher. This is a case where the negatives from wind power – the noise, the “flickering”, the reduction in property values, the blight on the landscape, leaving giant concrete pads in the wilderness, etc – meet with the pish

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Vermont Wants To Limit Noise From Wind Turbines”

  1. Dana says:

    Jeffrey, one guesses, is appalled.

  2. Jeffery says:


    The Koch Brothers are probably behind the bill! Anything the slow the renewable energy juggernaut.

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