Surprise: Warmists Want More Redistributed Money For Their Climate Scam

Who’s surprised? Anyone? There’s virtually nothing involved having to do with the climate nor the environment. This whole thing boils down to Control, Bigger Government, and money, and the money almost always involves Other People’s money, rarely money from the people who push this, sign agreements and bills and such

U.N.’s Global Warming Fraudsters Are More Interested In Climate Cash Than Climate Change

Climate Deceit: Just when you think the climate change lunacy couldn’t get any worse, the U.N.’s climate-crats up the ante. Meeting in Bonn, Germany, for yet another unneeded climate conference, attendees are now demanding $300 billion a year more to help less-developed nations cope with anticipated climatic warming. Are they kidding?

By the way, that $300 billion is in addition to the $100 billion that the world’s governments have already promised to deliver under the Paris Climate Agreement. So now they’re asking for a total of $400 billion a year in climate welfare for the developing world. No sane government would sign on to such a scam. Which of course means that most of them probably will.

There’s really no end to this insanity. To make it worse, the proposal before the Bonn climate talks calls for the added taxpayer-funded cash to be doled out not by the governments themselves, or even the U.N. No, the money will be channeled through existing nongovernmental organizations, or NGOs.

In other words, left-wing green groups around the world will become the conduits for billions of dollars in money handed out to ethically challenged, nondemocratic governments. Think there might be a tiny temptation for corruption there?

Of course, all the “green” groups will need to hire tons more staff, and then there’s the overhead, bonuses, travel, administration, and so forth. Plus, just pocketing a bunch. Because, we all know that the United Nations does such a great job making sure the money nations give to them is tracked, am I right?

And yet, as climate skeptic and statistician Bjorn Lomborg has noted, even if you take the models seriously and if every nation on earth lived up to its commitments to slash output of CO2 and all other greenhouse gases by 2030, the net reduction in predicted temperature would be just 0.048 degrees Celsius — about 1/20th of a degree. That is a rounding error. Nothing, really.

But, except to the most ardent, loopy Warmists, that’s immaterial, because it’s the cash and power that counts.

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  1. Joseph Olson says:

    “No Loophole for Your Soul” at CanadaFreePress, Jan 2010, first use of “Warmist”

    “Non Science Nonsense” at CanadaFreePress, April 2010, firts use of “Luke Warmist”

    “Mommie, Can We Play Obombie Truth Origami” at FauxScienceSlayer(.)com

    The Alarmist Big and Luke Little Warmist debate is fake !

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