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Trump Has To Care About ‘Climate Change’ To Save U.S. Infrastructure Or Something

People in cults always have to drag their cultish beliefs into everything. Here’s another case, where CNN Money runs a thinly veiled opinion piece as news If Trump wants to save U.S. infrastructure, he needs to care about climate change President Trump wants to make America’s roads, bridges and tunnels great again. But the Trump […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, handy for getting Warmists to marches, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Outside The Beltway, with a post explaining that the Constitution does indeed protect “hate speech”.

It’s Earth Day Again, And Scientists Are Marching For More Taxpayer Funding For Junk Science

There’s a big march on Washington, which has spread out to being a march around the world. It’s not important enough for the NY Times, LA Times, or Washington Post to cover (other than a traffic story in the WP). A few other sites are pimping it, such as ABC News March for Science events […]

Justice Department Fires Opening Salvo At Sanctuary Cities, Demanding Proof They’re Complying With Federal Law

More proof that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not playing around, and that he expects cities, states, and counties to comply with duly passed federal laws (NY Times) The Trump administration escalated its confrontation with so-called sanctuary cities that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities, threatening them anew Friday with the loss of grant money […]

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