Illegal Aliens Plan Big Protest Today Or Something

They’re going to prove they’re vital by refusing to go to work (illegally) and shopping and stuff

(Reuters) Activists are calling on immigrants to protest President Donald Trump’s tough stance on immigration by staying home from work or school on Thursday, not shopping and not eating out, in an effort to highlight the vital role they play in U.S. society.

“A Day Without Immigrants,” which has been largely driven by word of mouth on social media, arose in response to Trump’s vows to crack down on illegal immigration and his executive order, since suspended by a federal judge, to temporarily block entry to people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The action follows a series of federal raids last week in which more than 680 people illegally in the country were arrested, raising alarm among immigrant rights’ groups.

“Mr. President, without us and without our contribution this country is paralyzed,” read a poster promoting the protest that was widely shared online.

Let’s remember who was arrested, as they’re going Moonbat Level 10 with their solidarity

Of the 161 people arrested in L.A. and surrounding counties last week, 151 had been convicted of a crime. More than a quarter of those arrested — 42 people — had been convicted of domestic abuse, while an equal number had either drug or assault convictions, according to the statistics released Monday. Seventeen people had been convicted of a sex crime.

That was just the LA area. The pattern of sweeping up those with felony convictions, including sex crimes against children, was repeated across the country in the sweep. They’re having a snit fit over an illegal who was detained while in court filing a domestic abuse charge, but, see, there’s an issue

The criminal complaint states that on Feb. 2, Homeland Security Investigations Border Enforcement Security Taskforce agents received information that Irvin Gonzalez, who also is known as Ervin Gonzalez, was in the U.S. despite having been previously deported. The information received stated that Gonzalez was staying at the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence.

The complaint, filed Feb. 9, indicates that Gonzalez, whom Bernal identified as transgender, had been deported six times since 2010 — apparently after arrests for crimes including possession of stolen mail, false imprisonment and assault.

So, yet another example of one of those super awesome illegals that we just can’t do without. And, in Seattle, one of Obama’s Dreamers was busted

Lawyers for 23-year-old Daniel Ramirez Medina say he was asleep in a suburban Seattle house last week morning when immigration agents showed up to arrest his father, who authorities described as a previously deported felon.

Despite Ramirez’s participation in a federal program to protect those brought to the U.S. illegally as children, the agents took him away as well – thrusting Ramirez into a national debate over the immigration priorities of President Donald Trump.

Federal officials insisted Ramirez admitted he is a gang member. His lawyers adamantly deny that, saying he has no criminal record and is the father of a 3-year-old son who is an American citizen.

Back to the initial Reuters article, they note that many businesses and restaurants, including in the D.C. area, are being super supportive of the protest. Sounds like they support hiring illegal aliens over US citizens, and should probably get a visit from federal authorities in a workplace raid to determine immigration status, which would be followed by criminal and civil penalties against the businesses.

Really, these people need to think twice about the illegals they are supporting with their protests. How does it play in Middle America when they see legal and illegal immigrants supporting illegals with felony convictions, including for sexual assault on a child?

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3 Responses to “Illegal Aliens Plan Big Protest Today Or Something”

  1. david7134 says:

    They should go back home and show how much we miss them. That would be a great protest.

  2. Conservative Beaner says:

    Yes, go out and demonstrate so you will be easy pickings for the INS.

  3. Uncle Dan says:

    Well that protest turned out to be a big, pile of nothing!

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