Say, Can SNL Take Down Trump Or Something?

This is seriously where liberals are going with their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Looking at a show which is supposed to be sketch comedy, but is essentially serving as a political venue for one political leaning. A show which pretty much refused to even lightly make fun of Mr. Obama and his people for eight years. Now, though, we get, in the opinion section of CNN

Can SNL topple the Trump administration?

Saturday Night Live is clearly no longer content to just comically fillet Donald Trump. As we saw again in this Saturday night’s episode, they are increasingly going after key members of his staff. And if recent media reports are accurate, this seems to be rattling Trump and causing dissension within his administration.

Whatever happened to “let’s just be original and funny?”

The show opened with Melissa McCarthy reprising her hilarious role from last week as Spicer. This time Spicer tried to remain in control but as time went on he lost it. Soon Spicer was hawking goods for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, which Nordstrom pulled this week for poor sales. And Spicer even comically commented on the racist underpinnings of Trump’s “extreme vetting” plan by using a white Barbie doll who easily walks by TSA security agents before a brown skinned “Moana” doll is immediately subjected to a pat down.

Is this the best they have? Sneering nastiness? Which then moved on to the same against Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Even during the early years, SNL tended to laugh with Presidents and their people, not take nasty shots. They made good natured fun of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter. Gerald Ford liked Chevy Chase’s playing of him so much that Chase was included in several Ford appearances.

Then they ran another skit, this one blasting Kelleyann Conway

Moments later when Tapper arrives at his apartment, he’s confronted — in a loose parody of the classic film “Fatal Attraction” — by an angry lingerie-clad Conway played by McKinnon. She declares she’s “not going to be ignored” by Tapper or any in the media because, “I just want to be part of the news.”

Just imagine that being run against a liberal: it would be deemed sexist and misogynistic. It would be said to be negative against all women for the portrayal of a powerful women in lingerie. There would be protests outside the SNL studios demanding resignations.

Of course, the Weekend Update portion was focused heavily on Trump and his team. Because comedy or something. And, just to continue the originality, they had Alec Baldwin once again running his Trump schtick. At one point, SNL used to be known for it’s originality. The Coneheads. John Belushi’s samurai schtick. Land shark. Emily Litella. I’m Gumby, damnit! Bill Murray’s lounge singer. Classic bits.

So in a time when polls show many Americans distrust the mainstream media, it may just take SNL and comedians to be the voices of reason. Here’s hoping that week after week SNL helps make America laugh again at Trump — and his administration.

So, just another long political skit that proves it’s partisanship. Preaching the to choir won’t take down Trump, any more than the constant worship of John Oliver will. It all begs the question: why can’t comedy just be comedy? It goes along the same route as “can’t we just watch sports to escape from the daily grind?” Some for award shows, movies, TV shows. Can’t we just get away from highly partisan politics for a change?

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5 Responses to “Say, Can SNL Take Down Trump Or Something?”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Highest ratings in a long time. Just sayin’…

    Do you remember the skits where Hillary was a violent husband abuser to a cowering Bill? I do. Or Bill Clinton jogging but stopping at every fast food joint and sampling from customers plates? They’ve been doing Hillary impersonations for years. Remember SNL mocking Obama with a schoolhouse rock “I’m just a bill…”

    If you google ‘SNL Mocks Obama’ you get 485,000 hits. Many of them pimped on conservative websites.

    and face it, trump is the most mockable celebrity in a long, long time. Pussy grabber, that hair, at least 5 kids frommultiple baby-mamas, orange tan, self-satisfied smirk, bankruptcies, birtherism etc etc etc… add the fact that he was elected by a minority of voters + a steady stream of major and minor gaffes since forever… + he has to capacity to destroy America … he’s a legit target and you need to put on your big boy pants and get used to it (until Bannon nationalizes all media).

  2. Genericviews says:

    Something that is new: Nonstop coverage of SNL’s skits by CNN and MSNBC. It’s as if they know that adults don’t watch SNL any more and can watch the parts they like on the internet the next day. So first they replay the skits then they comment on how cutting edge, funny, and politically decisive it is.

  3. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    I used to love comedy. When it was funny. In fact I had a comedy club in Philadelphia above one of my restaurants back in the day. In those days comedy was the respectful/disrespect of people, usually politicians and celebrities of all parties and stripes and with no “forbidden” snowflakes. It was equal opportunity picking and it was done well.

    But the same thing happened to comedy that happened to entertainment in general: it was taken over by leftists who just had to politicize it. The problem is they can’t make “funny” out of leftist policies. What’s funny about chopping a fetus up and killing it? Nothing. What’s funny about bringing in millions of immigrants to steal entry level jobs from Americans? Nothing. What’s funny abut bringing in moslems to rape and murder our children? Nothing. What’s funny about telling a person with sexual body integrity identity disorder (known as apotemnophilia) that we will celebrate his psychosis? Nothing. What’s funny about rioting in the streets and burning cars and stores because you lost an election? Nothing. What’s funny about telling black people they’re too stupid to get an ID? Nothing. What’s funny about letting our veterans die at VA hospitals while giving health care to illegals? Nothing. What’s funny about taxing the middle class to provide food, housing and more so moslems have the time to bomb the Boston Marathon? Nothing. There is just so much that’s not funny at all about the left I guess there’s no one to make fun of but Republicans.

    So now comedy, like the rest of the entertainment/education/information industries is little more than sedition. The good news is people are noticing the rapid decline into radical leftism the Democrats are going through. The Republicans are no more conservative today than when Reagan was President but if JFK were alive he wouldn’t recognize his now semi-Nazi, semi-anarchist Democrat party. And they have gone insane. Look at how Jeffery posts. Never a good word about anything. Always hate and anger. Look at Pelosi the other day saying she can’t work with President Bush. Hey Pelosi you idiot, Trump is President. Or that dope Maxine Waters who thinks Putin is invading Korea. These are the Democrat “leaders”.

    No, there is nothing funny about the left any more. They’re a sad, sad group of anti American , anti Christian, anti life Nazis and there sure ain’t nothing funny about that!

  4. Jeffery says:

    Who will mock that soulless proto-fascist, Stephen “The President’s Powers Here are Beyond Question” Miller, this Saturday? Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory)?

    “Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.” – Lex Luther Stephen Miller Adolf Hitler The Penguin

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