San Francisco Sues To Be Allowed To Continue Breaking Federal Law

Remember when Democrats, including then President Obama, made a huge stink about Arizona’s illegal immigration law, SB1070, saying that states must follow federal law to the tee, not even allowing the laws to (supposedly) be stronger? Well, what of when cities refuse to follow federal law? California itself is considering becoming a sanctuary state (Trump should tell all illegals to head to California, and let the state deal with the resulting fallout), but, here’s what San Francisco is doing

(SF Chronicle)  San Francisco’s widespread resistance to President Donald Trump broadened from protests in the streets to inside a courthouse Tuesday.

Staying true to San Francisco’s vow to counter the president at every step of the way, City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed a lawsuit Tuesday to strike down Trump’s executive order to strip sanctuary cities of federal funding if they do not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

The federal lawsuit, the first filed by a U.S. city over Trump’s sanctuary city executive order, comes as The City braces for potential funding cuts as it relies on $1.2 billion annually in federal funding for a range of services.

“The president’s executive order is not only unconstitutional, it is un-American,” Herrera said during a Tuesday morning news conference where he was joined by Mayor Ed Lee.

Can you guess what’s missing? Anything that states exactly why Trump’s order is unconstitutional. As far as un-American, San Francisco is one of the last cities to complain, coming right after Berkeley. The flag burnings, the military hatred, oh, and isn’t part of being American to follow the law?

Herrera has asked the court to halt the implementation of the executive order, invalidate the federal law section 1373 itself and affirm that San Francisco’s sanctuary laws comply with federal law.

Quick, illegals, go to San Francisco.

Seriously, isn’t it great that elected officials put the lives and welfare of those who are unlawfully present in this country over those of legal citizens and residents?

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