U Of Maryland Promises To Protect Illegals, Special Snowflakes Meltdown

This is possible one of the silliest Snowflake meltdown. Seriously, they’re getting what they want, and they’re still Outraged

(Daily Caller)  University of Maryland (UM) students were distressed and demanded an apology after the school’s president stood up for illegal immigrants, and used the Spanish language to do it.

The incident occurred Tuesday night, when UM president Wallace Loh delivered his annual state of the campus address. During his speech, Loh took a moment to defend illegal immigrants who attended the school, and used both English and Spanish to do it.

Several Snowflakes took exception to Loh actually speaking in Spanish, because, in the words of one who will be getting lots of rejection emails from employers, “does not represent the entire immigrant community here.” Another was upset because this implied a “Latinix” background. I guess there are a bunch of non-Latino illegal aliens at UM who need to be deported.

On the bright side, Loh refused to apologize, since Spanish is his first language. The article at The Diamondback paints Loh as a progressive Social Justice Warrior himself, but, even that is not enough for these Special Snowflakes, who are trying to out-Snowflake each other. And tell Human Resources to immediately trash their resumes. The Internet is forever.

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