Court Orders NY AG To Turn Over Climate Change Secrecy Docs

This is pretty bad news for the Cult of Climastrology and Schneiderman in particular

(Washington Times) A court has ordered New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to turn over documents related to a multistate confidentiality agreement on climate change investigations.

New York Acting Supreme Court Justice Henry F. Zwack ruled that Mr. Schneiderman has 30 days to comply with the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s May 5 request under the state’s Freedom of Information Law.

The Democratic prosecutor, who launched last year a probe into ExxonMobil, has fought the request for any pact made with other states or certain environmental activists, arguing that such documents are exempt from disclosure.

Sam Kazman, general counsel for the free market institute, called the court’s decision “a blow to the anti-speech campaign led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.”

“While the campaign by him and his cohorts that began in March continues against those who disagree with him on global warming, we are glad to see that it is being held subject to the basic laws of the land,” Mr. Kazman said in a Monday statement.

Schneiderman and his co-conspirators might think they can ignore the rulings from judges in Texas, but, not New York, though you can expect that he’ll slow walk this and possibly even blow the ruling off. The last thing that members of the Cult of Climastrology want is transparency in any form or fashion.

“By requiring Schneiderman to fully comply with our freedom of information request, the court is ensuring that agencies cannot use shortcuts as a means of skirting New York’s Freedom of Information law,” he said.

Warmists will use any shady venues to hide their documents. And their data. They are very unhappy in letting anyone see either.

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2 Responses to “Court Orders NY AG To Turn Over Climate Change Secrecy Docs”

  1. gbear says:

    What a putz. He should be impeached or indicted along with the rest of Andies gang.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    The fact of the matter is that the AG’s conspired together with outside attorneys to bring forth a bogus claim against companies.

    As in the tobacco cases, this was never about public safety or public health. This was about money with the AG’s wanting it or at the very least costing companies lots of money to defend their legal actions.

    Unfortunately for the AG’s, federal law prohibits the actions they undertook.

    Now the tables are turned and there are real consequences for what they did. Unlike the companies they sought to grab money from, there is real evidence that the AGs broke the law in their own public statements. Unfortunately, the taxpayers will be paying for the defense of these criminal AG’s

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