Thank Goodness, It’s OK To Talk ‘Climate Change’ At Thanksgiving

This is obviously aimed at members of the Cult of Climastrology, who need clear guidance on, well, let’s face it, everything. Their Betters are the guides of their life

If climate change comes up at Thanksgiving, it’s OK to talk.

With Thanksgiving coming after a polarizing election campaign, Americans may have some tough choices to make about what to discuss with family and friends. But here’s a little food thought: Important topics don’t necessarily have to be unspeakable ones, if handled in the right way.

We could probably stop right there, because Warmists, who are primarily Leftists, will not bring it up in the right way, will pontificate, caterwaul, and will refuse to let anyone else speak, much less listen.

Maybe people are afraid they don’t know enough to talk, or fear others won’t agree with their views. It could also be that the issue itself seems too vague (off in the future) or too menacing (can we really do something about this?) – so that in either case avoidance can seem the path of least resistance.

Not knowing enough has never stopped them before, why should it stop them now? Even when people are telling them to go in another room and talk to themselves, as people are watching football.

But maybe you can actually do well by breaking the silence. Really.

Most likely you’ll just annoy your friends and family.

The rest is the typical claptrap, ending with a recap, which includes

Sometimes buzz phrases like “global warming” get in the way. Close-to-home issues like air pollution or increasing heat waves can be a shared concern even for people who feel opposed on climate change.

In other words, you have to lie about your beliefs to attempt to gin up support.

Fortunately, there’s also this

Feds offer Thanksgiving tips to fight climate change


How To Talk To Your Climate Change-Denying Relatives This Thanksgiving (Yes, You Can!)

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  1. Hank_M says:

    Should we be wearing our pajama’s when we do this?

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