Republicans Look To Axe Billions In “Climate Finance”

Here’s some very good news. Though, not good for the Cult of Climastrology (via Watts Up With That?)

Republicans plan multi-billion dollar climate budget raid

US Republicans are expected to axe billions of dollars in climate finance when they take the White House and Congress in January.

Funds to help poor countries adapt to the impacts of global warming and develop sustainably will be redirected to domestic priorities.

“We are going to cancel billions in payments to the UN climate change programmes and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure,” said President-elect Donald Trump in his 22 October Gettysburg address.1

With a Republican majority in the Senate and House of Representatives, there appears to be little standing in his way.

Because redirecting this money, which, for the most part, has never been allocated by the US Congress, back to the American people and their needs is a Bad Thing in Warmist World.

Notably, the US promised $3 billion towards the UN-backed Green Climate Fund, of which just $500m has been delivered.1 The outstanding sum is a major chunk of the $10bn seed money donated to the flagship scheme.

No, Obama promised that money. He failed to ask the people given the power of the purse to provide it. As David Middleton writes at WUWT?

The U.S. has no “climate finance commitments.”  Outgoing President Obama had a commitment.  He made the promise.  These United States did not make any promises or commitments.  The only ways in which this country could have made such a promise would have been through a treaty or legislation. (snip)

“President Obama’s personal championing of the cause” and his channeling of “diplomatic efforts into persuading G20 allies, for example, to stump up” were his efforts and his alone.  The fact that virtually none of those efforts were sent to Congress for ratification or enabling legislation means that they will be null & void on January 20, 2017.

If Warmists are upset about this, then they should have run these projects through Congress, and Obama could have worked to persuade them to back up his commitments. He didn’t. He didn’t even try. So, now, if Obama and the Cult of Climastrology want this money, they can use their own. Obama can pony up money from his own bank account. Warmists can donate their own money. They can hold fundraisers and stuff. They won’t, though. They’re always fine with this kind of thing till they have to see a hit to their own cash.

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3 Responses to “Republicans Look To Axe Billions In “Climate Finance””

  1. Hank_M says:

    This is great news!
    Just hope Trump follows through with this.

  2. Stosh says:

    Transfer the total assets of the Clinton Crime Foundation to the climate change hoaxers, let them fight over it…

  3. safetyguy says:

    I went to the ClimateHome site @ who posted the original story. Tried to post a comment that it’s impossible to raid a nonexistent budget. And asked them why they no longer call it mam-made-global-warming.

    They just deleted my post. Not even a rebuttal, just a deletion. Cowards!

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