Who’s Going To Pay For ‘Climate Change’ Policies Is A Thorny Issue

Funny how Hotcoldwetdry keeps coming back to things that have nothing to do with science, but money (and politics)

Thorny issue of who will pay for climate damage simmers at UN talks

One of the thorniest issues at the UN climate talks is ‘loss and damage’, which touches on payment for repairing the harm done by climate change. Could the ongoing meeting in Marrakesh deliver some clarity on this controversial discussion?

It comes down to 3rd world shit holes developing countries using that sweet, sweet money forcibly taken from citizens of the 1st world as pushed by 1st world elites who refuse to pony up their own money and have giant sized carbon footprints.

This is exactly the kind of elitism that people rebelled against on Election Day. Even the Bernie Sanders supporters were rebelling against the elites. Brexit was much against the elites. Will the elites get it?

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4 Responses to “Who’s Going To Pay For ‘Climate Change’ Policies Is A Thorny Issue”

  1. Dana says:

    That might be the best thing about electing Mr Trump: he isn’t going to send money to those third world shit holes developing nations to make obeisance for global warming climate change.

    If Angela Merkel wants to pony up German taxpayers’ Deutschmarks euros, fine, let her! If François Hollande wants to send French taxpayers’ Francs euros to the developing nations, oui, oui! But we’ll spend our dollars for Americans.

  2. Jeffery says:

    We will all pay, plus future generations will pay.

  3. Liam Thomas says:

    Will the elites get it?

    NO….its why the communist revolution happened….the elites refused to abandon their station because it was after all…their right to dictate policy.

    As the movie Hunger Games points out….I have seen the people and if you would see those people then you would not like underdogs either…..

    Hello working class…..you are the underdogs and no matter what the elites tell you…you can rest assured they abhor you and only use you for votes to continue their power.

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