“Trump’s election threatens human rights around the world” Or Something

Yes, the Washington Post Editorial Board is having a snit fit

EGYPTIAN STRONGMAN Abdel Fatah al-Sissi claimed he was the first foreign leader to call President-elect Donald Trump with congratulations. He had good reason: In meetings with the two presidential contenders in New York in September, Mr. Sissi was chided by Hillary Clinton about his abominable human rights record, while Mr. Trump issued him a free pass, calling him “a fantastic guy.” “Egypt hopes the presidency of Donald Trump will inject new life in Egyptian-American relations,” said a jaunty statement from Mr. Sissi’s office Wednesday.

If Mr. Trump follows the course he set in the presidential campaign, there will be many more such statements — and a rush to repression in countries around the world. At least since President Wilson carried his Fourteen Points to the 1919 Versailles conference, the United States has been the world’s foremost promoter of human rights and democracy. Mr. Trump appears ready to walk away from that role.

Got that? Human rights are doomed, and we know this even before Trump takes office. It’s going to be a fun 4-8 years of apoplexy from lefties.

Anyhow, the WPEB notes that Obama has been sorta lukewarm on this whole human rights thing. They fail to mention how he opened up with Cuba without pushing human rights. How he blew off Iran jailing dissidents and Americans in order to push the Iran deal. How he and Hillary backed the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Egypt. Backed Assad in Syria. Blew off human rights in China in favor of climate change. The list goes on and on.

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5 Responses to ““Trump’s election threatens human rights around the world” Or Something”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    I know why these cupcakes are so upset….

    The Democrats said that these kids were gonna get FREE STUFF….

    Free college…..FREE loans….free grants….free….free…..free……..

    and the pollsters said trump could not win….Its like When I was in vietnam and the guy next to me and myself were having a conversation about what we were gonna do when we finally got back to the states….

    suddenly the guy had a gaping hole in his chest and all his dreams were shattered…..it could have been me….it was him…..and I had to deal with that….or not…

    I chose to deal with it….it wasnt fair..Nothing about it was fair….but it was life…..

    Cupcakes around the country have been so sheltered and so lied too that now…nothing about what happened is fair….

    the problem is they have not been prepared to deal with it by their families, friends or government.

  2. david7134 says:

    I love the reference to Wilson, one of the worst of the worst. While he touted rights on foreign shores, he was doing as much as possible to eliminate ours. Also, I have seen many historians lay the blame for WWII at the feet of Wilson and his crap.

  3. david7134 says:

    Noted your post, good. I never, ever thought I would say this, but I think it is time to restart the draft. That would get the worthless generation off its collective butt and maybe make men of them so that they would not feel inclined to use the women’s restroom. Of course, we could draft women as well and get them away from their over indulgent parents. I have a kid that went to VMI and thought he was a good kid, but after the first semester at VMI, he was a man. They took his phone away, no communication with parents, for one solid week he was worked to death every day and attended classes at the same time. They lost 30% of the class the first month, but if you made it through, you were a much better person.

  4. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    david7134, having fought next to “draftees” in Vietnam I must inform you we do not need the draft. I was RA, regular army. I volunteered for service (as the men in my family are expected to) and I volunteered for Vietnam duty. The worst possible feeling a soldier can have is that the draftee behind you with pee running down his leg might shoot you in the back before the enemy shoots you in the face. Most, not all draftees were marginal at best, scared $hitless at worse.

    Now, if there is a way to insure draftees are not in combat I’m listening. There is something like 41 support personnel for each combat troop so there is a start.

    What happened to john? Poor little red didn’t eat a bullet did he? I’ve noticed an almost complete lack of leftist trolls on my favorite sites since the election. What happened? Hahahahahahahahah.

  5. Liam Thomas says:

    Hoagie can attest to this but when I was in basic training the drill instructors would beat us….I mean literally beat us for the least little thing….It was not uncommon to be treated with the worst and utmost disrespect you can throw at another human being…..

    In live training their were bullets flying over our heads(they learned early on to put barbed wire above us as some idiot would invariably want to get UP and run)….the fields were scattered with pig guts and pig blood from the local butcher shops…I hope….I went to Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo for my basic so Im not sure…but I digress….

    The point was they had one mission during this time in military life….get you ready for Vietnam. War is not easy, its not fun and its not heroic or exciting or anything even remotely resembling 99.9 percent of all war movies…..They dont hollar cut till the next scene….In my experiences the hollar cut was followed by miserable stretches of waking up covered in leeches, bitten a 100 times by mosquitos and sweating your arse off as you stared into the darkeness of night and the ugliness of day.

    The fight wasnt what I feared….it was after the fight….when the adrenaline wore off….The down time….the dealing with what just happened, what could of happened and what probably is gonna happen….

    We adopted a philosophy and a saying in my unit when I was there which Im sure was shared by most every other unit over there.

    “IT DONT MEAN SHIT:” Meaning we all thought our ticket had been punched we were just standing in line.

    These cupcakes cant take it…..and I for one as a volunteer in todays military would not want conscripts with me….I want to know my guys wanted this…chose this and trained for this…

    As for the cupcakes….let em stay home and burn the flag….half this country will always be patriotic, conservative and proud to be Americans…..Remember the tea party marches……….and how those people would show up and start to try and raise trouble and they were thrown out by their supposedly own tea party memebers…..PAID AGITATORS BY THE LEFT……….

    These marches are PAID AGITATORS…oh not all….just 20-50-100 are paid but thats all it takes to get the crowd stirred up

    And the cupcakes follow hoping they get to go to college for free for the rest of their miserable lives…remember Nancy Pelosi telling them they didnt need to work….they could create art or write books or become actors…..they didnt need to work…..the left and obama was gonna take care of them.

    Cupcakes now have a day of reckoning….there is NO FREE LUNCH…never has been…but if you tell them there is….

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