Say, Why Don’t We Talk About ‘Climate Change’ More?

It couldn’t possibly be that no one really cares. Oh, no. Not in Warmist World

(Grist) Why don’t we talk about climate change more?

To find out, Greta Johnson and Tricia Bobeda — hosts of WBEZ’s Nerdette podcast — brought climate scientist Heidi Cullen to talk to 13 Chicago families about climate change and its dangers.

They found that people are scared of climate change — for good reason — and that makes them shut down:

One Loop resident admitted “climate change is important.” But when we asked if he’d think and talk about it more after having Cullen at his kitchen table, he replied, “Nope.”

If he did, he said, he’d just walk around depressed all the time.

So, based on one person, we now know that we generally do not talk about the issue….and what they mean is talk about it to come up with Solutions…. because we’re too scared and we shut down and it makes us depressed. Or something

Still, we persist in avoiding the topic. “In a lot of ways, I think this project affirmed many of my own concerns and fears about climate change,” Johnson told Grist. “I know it’s something I should be concerned about, but it’s also just so overwhelming and theoretical that it’s difficult to contemplate.”

Theoretical. More like prognostication for Madame Zelda at the carnival. This does all show that members of the Cult of Climastrology are all nuts, and are attempting to make everyone else as nutty as they are.

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One Response to “Say, Why Don’t We Talk About ‘Climate Change’ More?”

  1. Maury&Dog (Maury Siskel) says:

    There is no warranted comment about climate change which has and will continue throughout the age of the planet. There may be arguments about man-made climate changes, but most of these have little empirical substance. That’s why there are no comments about climate change.

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