Man Who Ignores Will Of The People Upset That Trump Might Do Same

Yeah, so this happened during Obama’s speech in Miami Gardens. Listen near the end

(this is at the 32 minute mark of the overall speech) No, no, no, I want everybody to pay attention here. That is dangerous. Because when you try to sow the seeds of doubt in people’s minds about the legitimacy of our elections, that undermines our democracy. Then you’re doing the work of our adversaries for them. Because our democracy depends on people knowing that their vote matters; that those who occupy the seats of power were chosen by the people. Even when your preferred candidate loses, even when you are the one who is running and you lose, you’ve got to see the bigger picture and say that here in America, we believe in democracy, and we accept the will of the people. (Applause.)

Interesting. This is coming from a man that utterly ignored the will of the people when it came to Obamacare, when the People said “no, we’re not interested, do not pass this.”

He ignored the will of the people when it came to the Iran deal. He ignored the will of the people when they rebuffed him and his Democratic Party cronies and voted the GOP back into the House with an historic blowout. Nor when the GOP regained the Senate. When he issues executive orders that thwart the established law. He has stepped on the will of the people throughout his 2 terms, and he dares lecture Trump? Perhaps he should retroactively lecture Al Gore. And Hillary Clinton, for her history of questioning Bush’s election in 2000.

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17 Responses to “Man Who Ignores Will Of The People Upset That Trump Might Do Same”

  1. john says:

    well I think that Obama was elected overwhelmingly, twice.
    THAT was the will of the people.
    Shall we look at his job approval numbers?
    Gallup has him at 55% approval 42% disapproval. Does that show will of the people?
    Part of the reason that Clinton is blowing Trump right out of the water is, she is riding Obama’s coattails
    That is 3% higher than Reagan’s average during his presidency
    Obama is a strong finisher he is trending up if it continues he may hit 60% before Clinton is inaugurated.
    Please comment on how the public approves how the GOP majority is doing THEIR job.
    And do you think not giving Garland a hearing will come back to haunt them? That could give Clinton a chance to nominate someome more progressive

  2. david7134 says:

    As you can see from John’s post, liberals will believe anything and have a definite way of looking at the world that is truly bizarre. Obama won his first election, a given, but he cheated on the second. Romney’s internal polling showed that he had the election, but the Dems took it just like they did the Kennedy election.

    Obama has been a total failure and one of the worst presidents in our history. His inability to prosecute Hillary shows the depth of his corruption. Though I will sympathize in a way in that I feel Hillary commented such a blunder in the Middle East that they can not allow it to be disclosed. It is clear she promoted the Muslim Brotherhood and therefore the Arab Spring. I also feel she was stupid enough to create ISIS, the evidence is there if people will look.

  3. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Gallup has him at 55% approval 42% disapproval. Does that show will of the people?

    Well john, in a country where 48% of the people are on some sort of government largess having an approval rating of 55% actually means only 7% of people who aren’t “paid” to approve of him do. I consider that dismal. If you phukin leftists could no longer steal the hard earned money of the working man to pay off your “victims” how long do you think your “support” would continue?

  4. Liam Thomas says:

    The presidency is not…nor should it ever be a popularity contest dictated by polls.

    the president is sworn to uphold the constitution…..not rule by fiat…..

    This troubling trend started with Bush and Obama cut her into overdrive…..

    “Governments … derive their just powers from the consent of the governed,”not by divine right or by dictatorial fiat. The entirety of the American form of government (which is a republic, not a democracy) is based upon a leadership which governs by permission of the governed.

    Today in Washington, however, we are seeing the imposition of the will of one man over the people via executive fiat (ala the king of England) against which the colonists rebelled. Today these dictatorial edicts are not called “divine fiat” but “executive orders.”

    But not only by Executive Orders but by ordering the government agencies to do X and Y and Z……

    The will of the people no matter who is president seems to no longer matter to the RULING ELITE which includes Democrats, Republicans and Bernie Sanders.

  5. john says:

    David you are an idiot if you believe that any significant fraud occurred in the POTUS election in 2012
    Do you even have any proof of that at all? Because all that chain mail that you rightwing losers keep sending back and forth to each other has always been debunked. Do you think that all those states that are controlled by GOP Sec of state and attorneys general would have certified the results if there was fraud?
    How sad it must be to live in your world

  6. Liam Thomas says:

    How sad it must be to live in your world

    You mean like Florida in 2000.

  7. john says:

    Teach do you feel that the House elections might be just a wee bit tainted by the gerymandering?

    in 2014 the GOP received 52% of the votes cast for House Reps
    Somehow they ended up with 55% of the seats which ARE supposed to be based on population numbers
    In 2012 it was even worse the GOP got 48% of the votes After Clinton wins the new SCOTUS will hear a case and rule on gerrymandering.

  8. drowningpuppies says:

    David you are an idiot if you believe that any significant fraud occurred in the POTUS election in 2012
    Do you even have any proof of that at all?

    Oh great, retard calling others idiots…

  9. john says:

    How many posters here are NOT part of the 47% that do not receive any sort of payments from BIG GOVERNMENT?
    Well Teach being a young man he doesn’t but anyone else?

  10. john says:

    I get medicare meicaid but usually only use it when I get my CDL medical renewed

  11. Jeffery says:

    Obama won two elections, consistent with all the polling. Dave’s contention that Obama “stole” the 2012 election is a canard and just another right-wing fantasy.

    We need to recognize that a sizable minority exists in America incapable of evaluating basic evidence. Horrifying.

  12. Jeffery says:

    Conservatives believe in their own government subsidies, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, roads, clean air, clean water, police and fire protection, national defense, courts – they just don’t want to pay for them.

  13. john says:

    The will of the people? The GOP Congress has an approval rating in the teens. They have done nothing to help the economy and the people know it.
    55 votes on trying to overthrow ACA
    That is their legacy the worst Congress ever

  14. Liam Thomas says:

    No the worst congress ever was Harry Reid changing the rules to pass the ACA which has now destroyed health care in this country. dont believe me….wait till you get sick.

    3 years Ive been needing surgery on my shoulder….3 years Ive been in physical therapy and pain killers….My daughter diagnosed with a brain mass….the insurance is arguing with the doctor over the need for surgery…

    Yeah awesome….we now get to see the Dr. when we have colds or the flu or for welness checkups……..SUPER……

    You can take your ACA and shove it up the asses of every Democrat who voted for socialized medicine….they are the real winners of the worst congress ever.

  15. Jeffery says:


    I feel your pain. But are you certain all your problems are from the ACA? I experienced similar problems with my private insurance 20 years ago when you my youngest son needed surgery. And about the same time getting them to pay for an MRI of my knee. And my insurance was through a private insurer mostly paid by my Fortune 500 employer.

  16. david7134 says:

    No, Jeff, the ACA has put the restrictions of the insurance on steroids. It is a horrible piece of legislation and shows the utter corruption of the Obama administration. Always remember that Gruber called the people wanting this stupid, and he was not referring to conservatives.

  17. john says:

    Ahhh Liam, that opinion on Congress is that your own personal opinion ? or that of the people of the USA?
    In 2014 Gallup had your Congressional approval at 9%
    Throughout Harry reid’s leadership it was in the 20-40% range

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