Bummer: Climate Change Could Lead To Longer Patio Season

Somehow, this is a Bad Thing

Climate change, economics could lead to longer patio season

Kingston’s sidewalk patios are set to close for the season at the end of October, but the city may soon allow them to remain open year-round.

Councillors voted unanimously on a motion instructing staff to review the current patio bylaw with an eye to extending the season.

The current bylaw gives patios a seven-month window to open on municipal property – from April 1 to October 31 – but councillors say that may be long enough. They cite climate change and economics as factors that need to be considered.

“While often we find big large strategies to invest in our downtown we also have to pay attention to the details like this to ensure that we have a healthy vibrant downtown,” said Coun. Richard Allen, who introduced the motion to a warm reception October 4.

In other words, they see extra revenue in the proposal, so are using ‘climate change’ as a rationale. Anyhow, what’s wrong with a longer patio season?

BTW, this is Kingston, Canada, located at the upper north east of Lake Ontario.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Climate Change Could Lead To Longer Patio Season”

  1. Dana says:

    Up here in the Poconos, I was working outside in just jeans and a t-shirt, in the middle of October, and I’m s’posed to complain about global warming climate change?

  2. Yes, you are. And you’re supposed to give up your liberty and taxes to Government.

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